Quite possibly the world’s most unintelligent commercial music act.
A low life that calls himself a rapper but only mumbles slow and mind numbing misogynistic, materialistic and unintelligent bullshit over lifeless beats only produced to satisfy the ignorant masses hollow heads as they bob them up and down to this un thought provoking so called "music"
50cent wins MTV awards for "best hip hop", but he doesn’t make hip hop and these awards insult a very expressive culture and genre of music. If it can actually be called "rap" music it is most probably the worst ever written and recorded but liked by the majority because most people are stupid.
by hellonothing December 12, 2003
A plague on society, I mean rapper, who won't die despite being shot nine times.
Anyone up for a tenth try?
by RapSucks March 22, 2005
Yet another silly black american rapper who has the strange misconception that money = talent, and that if he drives around in a 'bling' FUV with an eskimo coat and plastic rings on his fingers, people will regard him as a man who clearly has at least half a brain cell to himself. Obviously he is mistaken.

Also, if you scrutinise his facial features, you may realise that in his case, the evolution from ape to man was reversed, as he does indeed bear an uncanny resemblance to the chimpanzee. Therefore the latin name for him would probably be something like primus maximus retardus.
50 cent iz well bangin' innit! He is so cool in iz new leopard skin coat and iz sovereign rings (available in all good marketplaces and toy shops). I is gonna get me a hummer or a caddy coz laak the more you harm the environment the more you iz bangin innit!
by snack88 August 10, 2005
cost of a bag of chips
50 cent for a bag of cheetos? hate or love it G
by ionno April 02, 2005
All of you Rap and Hip Hop fans are a bunch of fucking idiots!!! The real 50 Cent was a true gangbanger from Brooklyn. He was shot 23 times over 9 different occasions. In his early days he robbed everything from liquor stores to rappers and people at parties to survive. The real 50 was only 5 feet 2 inches tall and still was a feared gangbanger. Ultimately the real 50 got caught up with his exploits and was shot to death in a hallway. So to set the motherfucking record straight 50 Cent was a true gangbanger from Brooklyn sometime in the 80's, not same fake steroid using queer who can only say "G-Unit" on his tracks! This definition goes out to all you dumbasses out there who don't know jackshit about rap and hip hop.
(Some dumbass poser) Oh I'm cool I'm gonna say 50 Cent is the best rapper in the world even though I don't know jackshit about him or the origin of his name!
by Asian Lunatic August 29, 2005
A black man with no talent that was shot 9 times by a blind retarded man with no thumbs.
G Unit.....gay unit?
by Jacob The Awsomest August 09, 2005
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