lets face it he sucks i have no idea why people listen to that corprate bullshit it means nothing i do admit that he is gd at wot he dus wich is BUSSINESS not music do the world a favour and dnt listen to 50 cent but support ur local bands cos lets face it they play real music not corprate bullshit
50 cent corprate sellout
by not here rite now leave a message September 18, 2006
an absolute twat that is famous but shouldn't be in my opinion.
Person 1: I like 50 cent!
Person 2: 50 Cent is a complete asshole!
Person 2: And so is Akon
by Anonymous blonde guy June 09, 2007
50 cent, a terrible rapper with little creativity or most likely none. Seems to be very uneducated and not sophisticated at all, his lyrics reflect his lame image of being "gangsta."

Tries to act gangster because he is really insecure, he constantly has to prove to society that he is a gangsta poser and bling it all up. He raps about sex, drugs and voilence in a childish way to compensate his insecurities. So most likely in his youth he was bullied and now that he has some record deal, he constantly re-affirms himself as a corporate semi intelligent rapper.

Shot 9 times, quite a lot, maybe people thought that he really sucked before and he still does.

"Hey, lets go to a 49 cent concert."

"50 cent, what would Al Capone say about you?"

"He got shot nine time, crap, why did they miss?"

"50 cent has some major social and emotional issues, why can't he just be quiet and see a psychologist, to stop his crappy music.

by necrox February 16, 2006
Bad rapper, but excellent businessman.

set up the whole game/50 beef to fuel his album sales. sold 1.1 million in 4 days.

he's rolling, man.
"I've got a sick vendetta, to get this chedda" - 50 Cent in How We Do. He even says that the beef isn't real.

You suckas that bought the Massacre all got PLAYED
by EazY-E March 27, 2005
some nickel nigga who thinks he a dollar, a Slim Shady product
50 Cent's gonna have to get at least another ten bullet holes in his black ass to get anyone to buy this shit . . .
by comaC January 14, 2006
1. One Of Raps Fake Nigger Rappers That Cant Rap For Shit

2. Owner Of G-Unit And Sucks The Memebers Ballz And Gets Head From Dr. Dre Everyday

3. A Snitch Ass Mufuka Thats Gonna Die After The Game and G-Unot Takes A Gun And Blows His Mufuking Head Away Cause Hes A Gay Ass Nigger That Nobody Likes Or Wants rapping

4. The Lindsay Lohan Of Rap

5. A Wanna Be Nigger

6. Got Beaten By The Game In The Feud
50 cent - Yo Game Suck My Ballz Nigga and Every Other Nigger IsntAs Good As Me Cause Im A Drug dealer From New York

Random White Kid (Doug) - Fuck You Nigga
by Neo Corey May 14, 2007
the reason why i no longer listen 2 rap. lets face it, he killed hip hop. hes a talentless retarded gorilla, and if he was really as "gangsta" as he's always saying, he'd probably be shot dead by now.
50 cent is a talentless piece of shit that gives hip hop a bad name. tupac and biggie r probably rolling over in their graves thanks to this fucking faggot.
by marky_mark January 06, 2007
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