50 cent is one of the few black people who is actually a nigger in the true sense of the word. Holds black people and the entire human race back. Should be put in slave chains or shot in the face. His marketers use clever tactics to put stupid ideas in the heads of people and make him look 'tuff'.
50 cent is a great example of not only the worst of the black race, but the worst of humanity in general.
by Shadow Creator November 28, 2007
About the amount of money Curtis Jackson would have if he wasn't a sellout.
me - 50 cent is a sellout.
friend - tru dat
a dumb horrible rapper that cares more about whats going down on wallstreet then "the streets", This guy should be dead by now.
50 cent: how are the stocks on my new socks, Ha! that riymes i think ill make a song about it
by Thebigman777 August 15, 2006
an untalented rapper.

says he wants to be like 2pac, if 2pace were alive hed probly shoot him himself.

the only reason hes alive is because pussies have 9 lives.

a snitch.
the game: g-unot!!!!
50 cent: uhh ill make a song called "candy shop"
the game: g-unot!!!
50 cent: okay i dont wanna die so imma go tell on you
by sm240drifter July 20, 2006
1. Any rapper that can brainwash the masses with songs using cliché lyrics, showing negative brainpower in content and creativity, and can make up various incidents for the skae of sales. Usually sports an ugly mug and undeserved money and fame.

2. The monetary equivalence of half (.5) of a US Dollar, formed most commonly by two quarters or 5 dimes.

(note: This term is most commonly pronounced among the 'menalinaly'-elite as ''Fitty cent'' /FIH-tee SEHNT/)
"Black people are cool: 50 Cent being the only exception."
-Universal Truth

Guy 1: Ey, nigga, spot me fitty cent an' I hitcha right back?
Guy 2: For sure, my African-American comrade.
by KomradeGael January 05, 2006
a no talent rapper who raps about his beef with other people behind the mic and never takes someone on face to face. see pussy.
check out this 50 cent i just hit up yesterday. it was probably the tighest fifty cent i've done in a while.
by Daniel Tam October 25, 2005
50 cent, is the biggest disgrace to modern music. That's really all you need to know, i could go through a huge ass list of problems with 50 cent, but that would take up about 5 pages.
Set "50 cent was named songwritter of the year by MTV. Yes children, MTV is smoking crack."
by Set Abominae March 15, 2007

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