(1)a wack ass rapper that stole the name of a dead rapper/gangsta just for the fame that he had.
(2) a pussy-ass wanna-be rapper that can't rap 4 shit and gets all his fame by bein shot 9 times.
another Ja rule and Fat Joe, all wanna-be rappers like 50 cent
by willie-o July 24, 2006
okay man i dont speak so good english imma tell you sum thangs you gon edit it and post it better!
its important people gotta know that who the real 50cent is
Kelvin "50cent" Martin a native brooklyn terror compared to Billy the kid because of their size ( short) he use to cary two long barel pistol colt 45. and a 44 i m not 100% sure..!
he is involved in 30 murders and a bunch of roberys he robed alot of rap celebritys at this time such as LL Cool J he was a fearless dude..
and 50cent's first music was "how to rob" a dedication to the Real 50cent
by leow March 31, 2005
Victim of stupit ass hatin motherfuckas that aint got nottin to do wit they lives. He is kinda arrogant but shit if you was him u would be too. Besides he got mad skills. All these people talking shit bout him just hatin, people who are nobody, a bunch of wankstas. The game sucks. In all his songs the only things he says is i love dre & NWA. Nigga cant u do anything besides suckin dres dick?? Not to mention that half of his fuckin lyris are from other rappers like dre, tupac, and all the other rappers the game would like to fuck. N just to let u know 50 aint my fav rapper. I love jada and fat joe and ja tight. Im just keepin it real.
50 Cent can teach yall to stunt
by mami boricua September 08, 2006
yo 50 is the best rapper ever i cudnt give a fuk wat y'all fink if it wasnt 4 50 then lloyd banks n all them wudnt b as good as they are now y'all jus jelouse of weres he cum from i dnt fink the rest of u cud do it so y'all need 2 go home n hush ya gums aight stupid arse mufafukas
the best rapper in the world
by white biatch April 06, 2005
i<3ath, shut the fuck up, and by the way you type, I can tell your a chick. Or a faggot. Anyway, fuck you, yes I have heard Fiddy's new songs, they don't suck, oh yeah where's your album? Oh yeah, your too FUcKING STUPID to make one. HAHA, fuck off bitch, 50 IS here to stay, and you're not.
I hope you get shot 9 times. FUCK OFF HATER, make me a song, and send it to me, I bet you don't know shit, when you do get good, SEND IT OVER, I'm ready.
i<3ath and other fucks like you, I hope your JELEAOUS asses all die. Where's your fame? Your Face on Albums? On MTV? I DON'T SEE IT. How much you makin'? HAHA, do me a favor, piss off and die.
by TRUEDAT50CENT March 25, 2005
I'd like to see your Fat Ass get shot 9 times, in fact, you will. I hope. 9 times by a 9mm close range by Ja Rules faggot ass Rat ass cookie monster thugs. And he's right, that SPINNER WORTh MORE THAN YOU. He's Raps MVP, there's nothing you can do about it, so get to know him.
"Fuck Off Haters." How do you think he go where he is today? By selling his mixtapes and music people liked, now millions love him, and even overseas. FUCK OFF HATERS!!!!!! G G G GUNiT !!!!!!!!!
by THE TRUTH March 23, 2005
what ever you think he is he is a rapper who made it. And nobody els can say he made it like 50 cent he is muscled he says a lot of shit in his songs but i like it. He isn't the best rapper ever but he is good.
50 cent is the best rapper evah?
nah but he is good
by ss legend June 05, 2006
Some guy who only picks beefs with other shit rappers that he can look good against
Nas... Jadakiss... come on, as if anybody even likes them.
50 cent don't dare take on any of dem big boys
by siksikjoob October 04, 2005
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