Definition of a Snitch
Also known as "Boo Booh" ; "Chicken Little" ; "Half A Dollar" ; "That Snitch Down The Block" ; "Curtis Jackson" ; "Curty Curty" ; "Miss Jackson" ; "Dora The Expolora" ; "Informant"
"Yo man he snitched on you?"
"Yah man he's just like 50 Snitch, I mean 50 Cent"
by englishmaster25 March 08, 2006
Crappy "Rapper"(He dosent diserved that title)
Sings about being black, growing in the gettho, killing people
even do he's a fake
claims to have been shooted times (yeah, rigth...)
mostly all his fans are white suburbian kids
stole is name from a O.G. in nyc
Owns a so-called gang named G-Unit (gorilla) wich is in fact a multimillion $ compagny that sell clothed all signed G-Unit
well thats all folks...
Exemple lyrics of 50 cent
o, Go, Go, 50 in the house - bounce, y'all already know what I'm about.
The flow sounds sicker over Dre' drums nigga,
I ain't stupid - I see Doc and my dope come quicker.
Shorty' hips is hypnotic, she moves is so erotic, but watch - I'm like bounce that assss girl.
I get it crunk in here, I make it jump in here, front in here, we'll thump in here.
by 50centkilla December 22, 2005
a fucking discrace 2 rap

2pac for life baby!
you heard that new fiddy track? yeah, it's just as shit as the rest
by fuck 50 cent March 26, 2005
A talentless rapper, like most of them are. Millions of people actually BUY this ghetto moron's albums; how intelligent is that? Anyways, he sucks, his music does, and he apparently loves to talk about his getting shot several times. Do we really want to hear about getting shot, much less having it happen to us?
Fuck 50cent! I'll tell you what I think about 50cent; his albums are only WORTH 50 cents!
by Suck My Dick April 05, 2005
A quantity of money, usually two quarters. Not to be confused with the rapper.
That toy was on sale for 50 cents
by You Don't Wanna Know May 16, 2004
fucking cockfuck
the worst thing the mudic industry has seen yet...untalented dickhead.
i hav respect for rappers that can actually rap 2pac.
all 50 cent can do its ramble random bullshit 2 pathetic backing tracks.
50 cent has no talent whatsoever
by i like ROCK April 02, 2005
He's not the best rapper, but he's a fuckin businessman and u cant deny that hes got his name on clothes, shoes, a book, a movie, a video game, watches by jacob, even fucking water.
Only 50 cent can:
A: Get shot 9 times and not shoot back
B: Claim to be the "King of New York" but lives in Conneticuit
by Ranger Rimjob February 23, 2006
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