A talentless rapper(no sorry talker)who can't put his own music together for all the losers that thinks his drum beats are good he just hires a musician or gets someone to use a dj desk. Can't sing or play an instrument and promotes violence and crap music. He thinks he is hard even though hes not and is proud of being shot when all it means is that people don't like you. 50 cent sucks.
His music is just talking which any old person off the street could copy. Kids copy him and his bad attitude. 50 cent sucks.
by Lukeybella January 19, 2006
For everyone out there who says "50 "Fiddy" Cent is the best rapper because he sold 1.1 in 4 days" Should ask themselves "Does the best paint, paint the best picture?" It's not the amount of records he has sold but the quality of his work.

The radio will play him regardless whether or not his music is good, but because you tools vote for his songs in the first place. Do you like his music because it's good or because everyone else likes him?

This is just the case in Australia, I don't know what it's like everwhere else, but are most of 50 Cent's fans rich, rebellious, white 14 year old "lads"? Isn't this slightly weird for someone who sings about the "Ghetto"?...I dunno, maybe it's just me...
50 Cent would be good if he wasn't mainstream, thus altering his style to what he thinks people want to hear.
by Dan42 January 01, 2006
he is a terrible rapper. he is a good businessman, props for that. but seriously, his music is just club music, it sucks.
50 cent is no way near good
by bizzle35 September 23, 2005
is this guy still a rapper? he is a rich man who cares more about money than the love of the game. did i mention he stole his name from a real nyc gangsta. and did i mention that his new hobby/expertise is sueing.
cuz a gggggg G UNOT !!!
by joe. August 26, 2005
A foney little cock that thinks he got shot 9 times.

Yeah what ever mate, more like YOU shot YOURSELF 9 times, to make out that your oh so very hard and cool.

Apparently, he owns a gay club called G-UNIT (GAYS - UNIT(ed))
Young Buck (His Boyfreind): "Oooohhh, me and fiddy went to blast some gangstas with our 48 calliber gats. Oh, and we stopped by at a hotel to sleep for the night, nothing happened though."

Fat Joe: Anyone got another beef burger, im hungry.

Lloyd Banks: Fiddddy, please dont leave me, I want to bum you!

50: But I love Fat Joe!

Fat Joe: ROck oN!
by Prince of Luke August 15, 2005
A rapper who sucks utter cock, like the people who listen to him. This lack of talent shows that you can make big bucks by creating shit. And the poor suckers who believe he got shot 9 times and he grew in a Ghetto neighborhood are jsut being robbed by these corporate bastards and we should all help these people listen to some REAL music.

The lyrics are bad enough, as all he seems to rap about are his bitches,whores, bling and how to be a playa. For fuck sake sing about something real...
"I'll take you to the candy shop
I'll let you lick the lollypop
Go 'head girl, don't you stop
Keep going 'til you hit the spot"

Wonder what 50 Cent is referring to there....
by Manga (Keelan) January 10, 2006
A rapper who really sucks. Stays workin out and gettin steroided up.
"I love you like a fat kid loves cake"
by bigballin221 August 17, 2005
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