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A terrible mainstream rapper. Uses the same lyrics in every song, especially a combo of berretta/ chetta and good/hood.
Furthers mainstream rap on its shitty path with his most recent song "Candy Shop", which is nothing short of atrocious.
"I'll take ya to the candy shop, I'll let ya lick the lolly pop..."

Wow, Mainstream rap has hit an all-time low.
by Justin March 05, 2005
5950 2515
Some guy who only picks beefs with other shit rappers that he can look good against
Nas... Jadakiss... come on, as if anybody even likes them.
50 cent don't dare take on any of dem big boys
by siksikjoob October 04, 2005
31 71
I'd like to see your Fat Ass get shot 9 times, in fact, you will. I hope. 9 times by a 9mm close range by Ja Rules faggot ass Rat ass cookie monster thugs. And he's right, that SPINNER WORTh MORE THAN YOU. He's Raps MVP, there's nothing you can do about it, so get to know him.
"Fuck Off Haters." How do you think he go where he is today? By selling his mixtapes and music people liked, now millions love him, and even overseas. FUCK OFF HATERS!!!!!! G G G GUNiT !!!!!!!!!
by THE TRUTH March 23, 2005
77 117
... Nice one there, fatfuck. Piss of, He makes millions, you make none. FUCK OFF HATER, He makes more in a day, than you will in your lifetime, faggot, FUCK YOU. Out.
"Don't be hatin' on 50 cuz he makes beats that make you act the fool."
by TRUEDAT50CENT March 18, 2005
62 102
A great rapper no matter what anyone says most of the people on this website who call him dumb and ignorent didn't spell most of the words in the definition right. Some Idiot on this site even said he was shot "50 times", what an stupid idiot.
50cent is one of the hardest rappers.
by J2THE J April 04, 2005
48 92
a sexy gangstafied nigga millions hate on makes offda chain music;my husband
50cent is so damn cute,fine,and sexy
by 50luva December 03, 2005
25 73
The BEST RAPPER in the world. All the haters of 50 just can suck my DICK! All the haters hate 50 because he survived from 9 shots and became a King of rap, while your favourite rappers just retarded, like Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakis and another rappers. The Game - sucks, he's gonna end his career after releasing "LAX" in 2008. He tried to copy Tupac's songs, but Tupac is unbeatable. He is a father of gangsta-rap, and what about Game? Huh, he don't even was in the game. So 50 is the best in da game!
50 cent'll split ya up, them coroners gon' pick you up.
by StreetsVoicenumba2 February 05, 2008
12 63
50 cent is a rapper who was a lot of haters, and a lot of people hate G-Unit. i doont care what people say 50 cent and G-unit are good rappers and make money ff you hating them. i dont know why everyone hates him so much.
kyle : i like this song im gunna go buy the massacre , 50 cent isnt that bad
by J Bailey September 24, 2005
70 121