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A chick that looks hot from far away but fugly up close.
Bro #1: Hey bro what do you think about that girl Alex at work?
Bro #2: Oh you mean "50 Yarder?"
Bro #1: Why do you call her that?
Bro #2: Look it up on Urban Dictionary.
by mikehunt123123 February 10, 2015
Someone who appears to be a banging ass ho from a far (about 50 yards). However when you come closer to them they appear much less like Jessica Simpson and much more like O.J. Simpson.
Guy A: o shit look at that banging ass ho, i bet she gets it poppin.
Guy B: Nah man ive seen her a party and she beat. She a 50 yarder.
by Da Sak September 10, 2006
When a person of the opposite sex looks incredibly hot from 50 yards away, but up close they are rather bland, plain or unattractive and make you want to die that you thought they were hot in the first place.
"Dude, Phoebe! I see this really hot guy! I'm going to get a closer look at him, text you what he looks like."
"Dude, he was a total 50 yarder."
"That sucks, I hate those."
by YourAsianFriend November 06, 2011

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