A rapper who was the best in the beggining and is alright now.

In 50's song Wanksta, he says:

Me I'm no mobster, me I'm no gangster
Me I'm no hitman, me I'm just me, me
Me I'm no wanksta, me I'm no actor
But it's me you see on your TV screen,
(be)cause I hustle...

50 doesn't claim to be gangster, his intentions are clear and simple right here, make money. In the beggining of 50's career, he was awesome. Go to youtube and listen to any song of his unreleased album "Power of the Dollar", they're fucking awesome. After that his quality declined and he whored himself out for money. He changed dramatically to remain popular to the audience. That's why his songs out right now aren't as good as his old stuff, with the exception of "Get Up" & "Baby by Me", because, new hip hop sucks and he has to match the demand. Compared to the new guys he's still better with his new stuff but his old stuff was the shit. Even if you dislike or hate 50, you can agree he's better than Soulja Boy and that Haley Berry crap.

50 Cent is a good example of how Hip Hop + Rap changed. In the beggining of his career, it was all about lyrics and it had good flow. Then it became repetitive with the occasional popular song. Either way 50 is still a good artist as he was mentored by Jam Master Jay and Dr. Dre. He makes good songs and can still sell CDs.
Power of the Dollar Track listing - 50 Cent

"Intro" - 1:11

"The Hit"
"The Good Die Young"
"Corner Bodega (Coke Spot)"
"Your Life's on the Line"
"That Ain't Gangsta"
"As the World Turns"
"Ghetto Qu'ran (Forgive Me)
"Da Repercussions"
"Money by Any Means"
"Material Girl"
"Thug Love"
"Slow Doe"
"You Ain't No Gangsta"
"Power of the Dollar"
"I'm a Hustler"
"How to Rob"

Really look these track up.
by The19th November 20, 2009
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the latest throway hip poper who has been exploted by greed and power rather than talent and originality
50 Cent is going to cry when he realises he can't pay back his multi million dollar advance.
by realist April 23, 2003
Its just two quarters
ey, lemme borrow 50 cent
you mean 50 cents dumbass
by ChinesePowah August 12, 2005
A stupid rapper. If you buy anything related to 50 Cent, you are sucking corporate dick. He sucks ass, and those who hate him are cleary educated
and of sound mind.
(50 Cent doing a rap)

someone in audinece: you suck!
rest of audience: YEAH!
(riots, destruction, 50 Cent is sued and sentenced to death.)

The fantasy I hope comes true!
by wakalakalover45 March 28, 2005
A terrible mainstream rapper. Uses the same lyrics in every song, especially a combo of berretta/ chetta and good/hood.
Furthers mainstream rap on its shitty path with his most recent song "Candy Shop", which is nothing short of atrocious.
"I'll take ya to the candy shop, I'll let ya lick the lolly pop..."

Wow, Mainstream rap has hit an all-time low.
by Justin March 05, 2005
1) (noun) A rap star whose body is fit, though looking at his face (especially during that little half smile thing) gives you the impression that he may suffer from mental retardation.

2) (verb) To be thought very cool when first discovered only to reveal how sadly untalented you really are after about a month.
1) 50 Cent and Ja Rule have a lot of differences, but if they could both just stop and realize that neither of them are talented, the radio would be a much less annoying place.

2) Dude, this girl wants to come over tonight, and she thinks I'm cool. Do not 50 Cent this up for me, please.
by Paul March 18, 2005
the worst music artist ever

he got famous for being shot 9 times. that is what mede him so famous. the thing about being shot nine times is bullshit. hes not street at all
50 cent is a bullshit fake "gangsta"
by WHITE MIKE March 21, 2005
Bad rapper, great businessman.

made up the 50/game beef to fuel his album sales

sold 1.1 in 4 days.
"I've got a sick vendetta, to get this chedda" - 50 Cent in How We Do. He even admits that the beef was fake.

anyone who bought the Massacre, you got PLAYED by 50
by EazY-E March 27, 2005
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