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1.Prussia`s awsome sitck down there... enough said

2.A Hetalia fan on LiveJournal made a list of average penis size by country. Since Prussia no longer exists (much to all Prussia's fans' chagrin), it was listed as having an average penis size of five meters.

3.A joke started by a fan about prussia

durring a discussion about the average penis sizes of men in various countries. As it was based on a recent survey using empirical data, information on Prussia was absent due to the dissolution of his country. After one fan stated that Prussia was "five meters long", the joke quickly caught on as a meme and fanworks with Prussia can often be seen referencing his "five meters", sometimes also called "five meters of awesome".
hetafan:how long is prussia`s awsome ness?
2 hetafan: about 5 meters

Prussia :Kesese
by lilymoonstar November 03, 2013
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