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It is when you shave your balls and surrounding areas and the hair starts to grow back. Like a 5 o clock shadow on your face but the one on your most manly of areas.
My friend took a picture of my cock and balls it was so clear you could see my 5 o cock shadow.

by MitchBoer September 02, 2006

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When a male doesn't wish to look baby smooth on his undercarriage so he leaves a very short defining stubble. Such as 5 o'clock shadow, but for his Zamboni.
Friend: Hey man don't you have that date tonight?
You: Yeah i do!
Friend: Better shave up in case she wishes to examine your crime scene...don't go overboard though.
You:No worries i already have the 5 o'cock shadow going.
Friend: Bro?
You: Bro!
by Mr. The Saint February 04, 2012
referring to the hair on and around the genitalia being kept at a short length but never going full turtle shell
"I never go full turtle shell. I keep the 5 o'cock shadow"
by prehistoricdawg March 21, 2014