To have sex for with a hot woman for five hours.
Bro: "Dude you have mad swag today, whats up?"

You: "I had a 5 hour energy the other day."
by Epiwin May 24, 2012
Top Definition
Crappy 5 hour energy shot that students use to stay up to do homework.
It really just makes you jittery
"AAAAAH, I drank too many 5 hour energies!"

"This 5 hour energy is the reason for my success!"
by Sue Pirnova August 01, 2008
Hotel shampoo relabeled as an energy supplement.
"5 Hour Energy smells and tastes like shampoo, so I decided to use it on my hair. My hair has never had more sheen and bounce."
by ruste May 24, 2012
Dear 5 Hour Energy, how do I love thee let me count the ways. I love you because you instantly take me from feeling like I'm 68 to 19 all over again, I love you because you make me happy like a hippie in a daisy field, I love you because you make me feel rockin like Bon Jovi in 1986, I love you because you make me productive like Serpico even if the task at hand is rough. Love, Elisabeth Jane ♥
Ass kicking aweseomeness is obtained by drinking 5 Hour Energy!!!
by Elisabeth Jane February 17, 2011
The product of an act of sexual pleasure (blowjob)which is consumed via the mouth down the esophagus and into the digestive tract which provides to the recipient 5 hours of continuous, uninterrupted energy without the crash or jitters of a typical energy supplement. 5 hour energy can also be used as spreads on cakes, breads, and other various epicurean delights such as a creamy 5 hour energy milk shake which we recommend to be consumed via straw to prevent tooth decay.
Becky pleased Scott and can pull an all-nighter in return.

"Becky, please just suck my dick!"

"No Scott, I won't be able to enter into a slumber tonight!"

For a healthy, low carb energy snack, use 5 hour energy as a dip for your favorite fruits and vegetables.

by Nayr and Nagem November 23, 2008
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