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1. A term used to describe performing a certain role or activity 5 days a week.

2. Can also be used to express the general excitement of a person, place, or thing.

3. Used to point out something someone has done, seen, or said, sometimes in a joking or silly manner.
1. I'm a 5 day performer in the parade.

2. I'll be lookin' so fly on New Years! 5 day!

3. If someone removes their shoes and an unpleasant foot odor fills the room, one could say, "5 day smelly feet!"
by Snowperson6 February 03, 2010
the 5 day pass from t-mobile where you get unlimited calls and texts to other t-mobile customers. used to cost £5 but now it's £7.50
I'll bell you tonite coz i got 5 day
by Me.Ox March 29, 2009
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