An anime company that would do a lot better with anime if someone stuck flaming bluejays up there anus and into the're large intestine.
Pet Store Guy: How can I help you
Anime Guy : yes I need a large amount of flaming bluejays.
Pet Store Guy: ....
Anime Guy: It's for 4Kids
Pet Store Guy:Oh,Okay cash or charge
by ME July 05, 2004
A mediocre dubbing company known for making a mess of otherwise good anime shows (ex.; One-Piece,Tokyo Mew-Mew).And did a rather awful rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner"(thank the gods they didn't do O Canada).And,Most recently,Turning the FOX network's Saturday mornings into an infomercial-wasteland.Do not be surprised if,come September,the same thing happens to the CW(formerly WB & UPN) network's Saturday mornings!
guy1;"Dude,whatever happened to fox kids?"
guy2;"Ah, some lame-ass dubbin' company called 4kids bought it up in 2K2,showed a buncha badly dubbed crap fer 6 loooong years,left FOX over some dumb money dispute,and now saturday mornin's on FOX are nothin' but scamfomercials"
guy1;"woah,bummah,dude.4kids just ain't happenin'".
by spike12 March 19, 2009
an anime dubbing and license company with a mindset outdated as the dinosaurs, they don't realize that they can't butcher animes anymore like back in the early parts 20th century. Hopefully they'll go bankrupt soon (as of this writing they're filing for chapter 11 due to lawsuit from TV Tokyo on the Yu-Gi-Oh francise for contract violations).
hey 4Kids if you don't like death and those kinds of things then don't license shows that has them, it saves the time and energy of editing it out.
by extreme133 April 25, 2011
A company which aquires shows (usealy from Japan in the from of anime and based on a fanchise or videogame) and dubs them, usaly for a TV-Y audiance.

Many fans of anime have comtempt for 4-kids as thier editing practeses usaly distort the program to such an extent that it bares no resemblence to the sorce material.

Shows Dubed by 4-Kids include

Pokémon (Other wise known as "Pocket Monsters)
Yu-gi-oh (Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters)
Ultimate Muscle (Kinikuman: 2nd Generation)
Kirby: Right back at ya! (Kirby)
F-Zero: GP legend (F-Zero: Falcon Legend)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Shaman King
One Piece

To date, 4-kids have only created one unique show, being the latest incarnation of the popular "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" which has been prased by fans for it's Batman levels of darkness.
"Dude, what you watchin?"
"One Piece, 4-kids realy fucked it up"
"I know, the rap opening sucks!"
"The clown music ain't much to write home about ether.."
by Conan-san April 25, 2005
4Kids, formely known as 4Kids Entertainment is an american TV channel. From this day, they keep destroying good animes which were originally japanese, such as Shaman King, One Piece and Sonic X.
4Kids destroy these animes by censoring anything related to "adult" stuff such as cigars, alcohol, guns etc.
Now let me give you some examples of ridiculous 4Kids editing:
In the anime Sonic X, any scene showing someone who is crying, being sad or anything related to that is cut out. Yes, you heard it right, completely cut out. Sonic X contains minor swearing, like "shit", "bastard" and "damn it" (damn it is actually considered swearing according to 4Kids lol). These are completely edited out and replaced with "ugh" or some shit like that.
Their voice redubs just makes me want to cry, Amy's voice is just terrible, she sounds like some slutty teeny bopper slapping down 100$ for a pair of shitty pants at Abercrombie & Fitch.
They COMPLETELY destroyed the latest (the 3rd) season of Sonic X, "The Metarex Saga" which was meant to be sad and dramatic and filled with action, i really feel sorry for all american Sonic fans which has to watch such misery.
Talking about Shaman King and One Piece, there just isn't a word to explain how INCREDIBLY TERRIBLE 4Kids has edited these animes, it's so badly edited that i can't even explain it on here, google or YouTube these animes and you'll find a 4Kids version, compare it to the original japanese version.
4Kids = See Evil Company
by Wuzu February 12, 2012
A dubbing company that makes anime and other cartoons more appropriate for children. Many people dislike 4kids and say they "ruin" cartoons, forgetting that it's often children who watch cartoons, not adults.

4kids has altered many cartoons, such as Pokemon, Winx Club and Yu-Gi-Oh, making them more suitable for cartoon-loving children. Unknown to most people, many cartoons made in America are aimed at 7+ children anyway, which explains the editing of 4kids.

4kids removed or edited scenes that involved things like religion (a very serious topic), violence, guns or other weapons and anything inappropriate for kids. They also gave the characters voices that were better suited for their personalities and made the plots of the shows more interesting to keep viewers awake.
4kids is one of the most unappreciated companies in the USA because people would prefer everything on TV to have violence and murder in it and want nothing to be made for children.
by Appreciation August 11, 2009
Rulers of the world.
4Kids gets their fanfics animated! I wish I ruled the world like they do, because I certainly deserve it more than they do!
by Umeko September 17, 2004

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