4Kids, formely known as 4Kids Entertainment is an american TV channel. From this day, they keep destroying good animes which were originally japanese, such as Shaman King, One Piece and Sonic X.
4Kids destroy these animes by censoring anything related to "adult" stuff such as cigars, alcohol, guns etc.
Now let me give you some examples of ridiculous 4Kids editing:
In the anime Sonic X, any scene showing someone who is crying, being sad or anything related to that is cut out. Yes, you heard it right, completely cut out. Sonic X contains minor swearing, like "shit", "bastard" and "damn it" (damn it is actually considered swearing according to 4Kids lol). These are completely edited out and replaced with "ugh" or some shit like that.
Their voice redubs just makes me want to cry, Amy's voice is just terrible, she sounds like some slutty teeny bopper slapping down 100$ for a pair of shitty pants at Abercrombie & Fitch.
They COMPLETELY destroyed the latest (the 3rd) season of Sonic X, "The Metarex Saga" which was meant to be sad and dramatic and filled with action, i really feel sorry for all american Sonic fans which has to watch such misery.
Talking about Shaman King and One Piece, there just isn't a word to explain how INCREDIBLY TERRIBLE 4Kids has edited these animes, it's so badly edited that i can't even explain it on here, google or YouTube these animes and you'll find a 4Kids version, compare it to the original japanese version.
4Kids = See Evil Company
by Wuzu February 12, 2012
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The worst anime liscensing/dubbing firm in the world. They really started the kiddie-anime boom in the U.S. with pokemon, which made them billionares.

Later on, they liscensed Yugioh and turned it into a hack-fest that made the Card Captor dub look good. The changed nearly everyone's names, altered the main storyline, censored any deaths in the show (either saying the dead charecter went to "The shadow Relm" or "Mysterisouly dissapeared"), added in this "Heart of the Cards" shit (and made nearly everything the charectars say mention the heart of the cards), replaced the ENTIRE soundtrack with shitty Saturday-morning cartoon music, and worst of all, mutaliated the dialog and gave the series THE WORST voice cast ever. And they didnt even release uncut DVDs... In the end, this series made them millionares.

4kids ended up buying fox kids, changed the name to fox boc, removed most of the shows, and added in a few crappy cartoons like the new TMNT and "The Cramp Twinds". They also bought a few new animes (Sonic X, Shaman King, Ultimate muscle, and Kirby: Right Back at Ya) to release on the fox box. While none of them were quite as bad as yugioh, they still sucked horribly. Shaman King had most of its dialog TOTALLY rewitten and its main charecter (yoh) changed from a carefree guy to a total asshole. Sonic X got a shitty dub cast. Ultimate muscle and Kirby...sucked from the begining. All of these animes had thier soundtracks replaced (they even recyled tracks. Sonic X's new soundtrack is IDENTICLE to shaman king, except for the opening music).

They recently liscensed Tokyo Mew Mew (which looks to me alot like sailor moon), and according to Al Khan, the evil bastard CEO of 4kids, they are planning to edit it tremendsouly (Hell, the are releaseing it under the name HOLLYWOOD Mew Mew...). They also seem to be going after the uber-popular anime "Naruto". With the shitload of money that 4kids has gained from YGO, i sympithize with naruto fans.
4kids is the reason that anime is so widely hated in the U.S.
They must be stopped before they get thier hands on a truly good anime.
by Metal Head June 24, 2004
see hell
4kids ruined anime
by Robert June 28, 2004
An anime company that would do a lot better with anime if someone stuck flaming bluejays up there anus and into the're large intestine.
Pet Store Guy: How can I help you
Anime Guy : yes I need a large amount of flaming bluejays.
Pet Store Guy: ....
Anime Guy: It's for 4Kids
Pet Store Guy:Oh,Okay cash or charge
by ME July 05, 2004
1.An American company that seems to be obsessed with nothing other than taking good anime and butchering them into kid shows.For example,editing out blood,violence,death and other things that they think will corrupt our nation's children.This company is said to have entire armies of soccer moms waiting to send tons of hate-mail and other forms of bitching to corporations who try and compete against them.

2.See Anti-Christ.
4Kids will be the downfall of all freedom what-so-ever.
by Andrew RW November 22, 2004
A retarded voice casting and dubbing studio, hell bent on ahnialating all trace of seriousness in any anime they touch, adding stupid dialogue, changing characters and story, censoring things for no reason(or not very good reasons) and editing things gratuitously, also believing women are not meant ot have breasts.

Also do not pay attention, and make many blunders.
"Nooo! My Celtic Gaurdian!"
~Joey Wheeler(aka Katsuya Jyounouchi)

(Celtic Gaurdian was Yugi's monster, not Joey's)

~4Kids super wanker bastards
by Evil Count Proteus May 25, 2004
A dubbing company that changes everything in a lot of anime purely for profit.

They change the shows into "Kiddie" shows for younger children are more likely to go for the lame toys they dish out.

Anime was never meant for kids in the first place. It's directed for the Young Adults who are to old for the real kid cartoons (Not the classics, like looney toons :P)
"New crappy toys from our shows! Spend your parents money today while filling ours! We spend $.05 on the plastic to make it but we're selling it to you for $5!
by Jason M. January 26, 2005
A shitty-ass company who bastardizes good anime.They have bastardized my favorite manga, Shaman King, and changed every single name to names that you would call your pet(take mortimer for instance)!And I have recently found out that they are about to bastardize yet ANOTHER one of my favorite mangas, Naruto. Thank god they havent gotten to Bleach or Hunter X Hunter yet(my other 2 fav mangas)! Seriously, who's with me to start an angry mob!!!

Also see: The Four Horsemen
Mortimer:Hey, Yoh, Have you seen 'lenny'?

Yoh:No, I think he died.

4Kids executives:No!!!! say something else!!!!

Yoh:He went on vacation 0_o
by 4Kidswillburninhell April 30, 2005

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