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The origin of almost any fucking internet meme you can think of. Site is filled with taboo porn, stupid pictures and other stupid shit.

A couple of examples include the Rick Roll and the motivational pictures. This site has gotten pretty old, and should die immediately because everything they put out is no longer funny, amirite?
4Chan is the source of all the stupid memes you see these days.
by Stay Gold Ponyboy September 06, 2008
159 97
A miracle to hit HCG searchers I was able to download a lot of HCGs without getting spammed or outwared also there are no ads but the sad news is that they are running outta funds so support 4chan by donating
4chan the source of all good and rare hentai in there
by Derek June 02, 2004
93 425
The best image board in existence. Whether you're there to chat on World4ch, talk about video games, get your daily anime kick, post images of nature and wildlife, show off your art, discuss technology, or bust a nut to some hentai, 4chan is teh r0x. I'm there everyday. You can become popular on 4chan through posting witty comments and uploading images. You can also use a 'tripcode' (# followed by a code or code word), to lower the chance of imposters. The highest quality hentai is posted to 4chan everyday. There are many categories in 4chan, for example /n/ (Nature and Wildlife), /h/ (Hentai), /d/ (Alternative Hentai; for example hentai with tentacle rape or dickgirls in it), /b/ (Random, where you can act like a total idiot and get away with it...extremely fun!), and /c/ (Anime/Cute. Post your kawaii stuff here) There are many more sections, go to 4chan to see for yourself. www.4chan.org
I go to 4chan everyday to look at some hentai and discuss video games.
by Hand Hanzo March 01, 2005
330 699
A site that shall be around for the rest of existence. It is filled with everything imaginable you would see in this awfull world and...the unimaginable. If you like Hentai, random pictures, hot chicks, ugly chicks, people stuffing their wangs into skulls from the catacombs, or anything else different from your daily life, this is the site for you.
"Holy shit! I saw the most fucked up shit on 4 chan today!'
by Fist of an angry god! May 26, 2008
300 684
Where yiff is growing every day.
Did you see the latest furry porn on /b/?
by Quakeulf May 06, 2004
198 587
A message board on the Internet where anime fans from all the world over congregate to post pictures.
4chan is the coolest thing since 2chan.
by Menchi February 06, 2004
183 579
A Japanophile image board. Japanophiles from all fifty states who share opinions on why Japan is superior to every other place in the universe, post Japanese tentacle rape pics (without getting in trouble from their parents; it's all completely anonymous), and share unfunny inside jokes such as "O RLY?".
Japanophile: hay man hav u sene da l8est naruto
Wapanese: yaeh dude i lovd it
Japanophile: r u kidin me it was da bezt!!!!!!
by Bainemo April 23, 2005
323 768