The sphincter of the internet.
Where integrity goes to die.
...look, another anonymous middle aged fucktwit on 4Chan posted some more pics of cartoon babies having sex...
by FlowersInMidgar October 24, 2006
The worst invention in the world, bro. It's a totally oldschool website for noobs, nerds, and geeks of the internet. Don't get me wrong, there are totally radd noobs, nerds, and geeks, but users of 4Chan are totally not a part of that group.
Have you ever heard of 4Chan?

Yeah, and you must use it 'cause you're lame.
by AdrianneNicolle May 09, 2011
A place on the Internet where it's cool to be ignorant, about things such as genocide--which leaves Tumblr users in a sissy twist, whatever that means.
4chan User: Communism is not a scam! Adolf Hitler died for us, just so he could carry out the New World Order!
Tumblr User: Wow, check your privilege already. It's not funny to make fun of the 40, 000, 000 Jewish people who died during such a dark time in history.
by Penguindrum April 09, 2015
A site where pretty much anybody can post anything.
I knew 4chan was not for me when I saw a picture of two teenage boys having sex. Jesus christ.
Tom: Hey, I was at 4chan yesterday and I saw some guy raping a goat.

Bob: Yeah, that sure sounds like to me
by FrownyFace August 14, 2009
Notorious hacker who recently gained fame by hacking and posting nudes of many celebrities, the event also known as "the fappening". Celebrities that suffered from the hacker was Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence and many others.
"Whos this 4chan person?"

"He's the hacker who released celebrities' nudes"
by OsS November 07, 2014
A site that has disgusting pictures, along with disgusting people. This site consists of blogging, and complaining. Low life scum more commonly use this site. While more sophisticated, and morally correct people use tumblr.
He's so gross, and morally corrupt, I bet he has a 4chan.
by JUJUBEEMARIE December 29, 2010
A place made by satan with all his followers on the site. All of the stuff is fucked up and you don't want to see it.
guy1: hey what site did that guy post those j law nudes??
guy2: 4chan of course
by Rumsonfairhavenboi June 03, 2015
It's a place people always view as the pit of despair or the rock bottom of the Internet, but really it's a bunch of people posting silly overused jokes and edgy, creepy content to look funny.

Most of the talk of it is directed to the Random board (/b/) to which it is the worst part, though the rest of the website is pretty trashy anyway.
Joseph: "holy SHIT!!! 4chan is so horrible, it's the hell hole of the internet!!"
Alex: "yeah okay let's see their memes now"
by pleasekillmelmao June 16, 2015

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