The sphincter of the internet.
Where integrity goes to die.
...look, another anonymous middle aged fucktwit on 4Chan posted some more pics of cartoon babies having sex...
by FlowersInMidgar October 24, 2006
A site that has disgusting pictures, along with disgusting people. This site consists of blogging, and complaining. Low life scum more commonly use this site. While more sophisticated, and morally correct people use tumblr.
He's so gross, and morally corrupt, I bet he has a 4chan.
by JUJUBEEMARIE December 29, 2010
A group of partpoopers
hey look at this guys awesome thread..
by fefefefsefwesfefsyhhrtrtj May 26, 2013
Notorious hacker who recently gained fame by hacking and posting nudes of many celebrities, the event also known as "the fappening". Celebrities that suffered from the hacker was Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence and many others.
"Whos this 4chan person?"

"He's the hacker who released celebrities' nudes"
by OsS November 07, 2014
A site where pretty much anybody can post anything.
I knew 4chan was not for me when I saw a picture of two teenage boys having sex. Jesus christ.
Tom: Hey, I was at 4chan yesterday and I saw some guy raping a goat.

Bob: Yeah, that sure sounds like to me
by FrownyFace August 14, 2009
The even lamer version of Tumblr. And it doesn't get much lamer than Tumblr.
Hey, I just went on 4chan for the first time and managed to throw my social life out the window as well!
by RySwaggasaurus February 06, 2015
Thee breeding ground for internet trolls and perverts. Using an anime imageboard as their platform, both normal and extraordinary people circlejerk and troll one another relentlessly when discussing and criticising within a variety of topics.
Anon-in-rl#1:Have you been to 4chan?
Anon-in-rl#2:Yes, you too?
Anon-in-rl#1:No, but thank you for warning me.
Anon-in-rl#2: No problem.
by FFe October 27, 2014
Basically what Voldemort and Taliban would be as an Internet site, talking shit about 4Chan or even saying 4chan is forbidden on some forums because they're afraid that 4Chan members will pickup on it by Google search and wreck their sites. 4Chan is anonymous's stomping grounds and they're guys you don't want to fuck with, and they have the ability to ruin your life well pass the internet as they are quite skilled and cool hackers. They were even revving up to take on AT&T for a supposed site banning around late 2009.

Their latest thing has been the Jessi Slaughter fiasco, which everyone thought was going to be the end of 4Chan, but it wasn't. It also led to a war on that failed, not because the 4chan hackers suck, because Gawker got lucky and it was an unorganized raid on Gawker's servers, and some of Gawker's technicians caught it before it could go down.
"Hey man 4Chan is possibly responsible for making the internet a way cooler place. Not to mention most people use memes from their without even recognizing it.
by TheSwiftStalker July 27, 2010

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