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you have just entered the very heart, soul, and life force of the internet. this is a place beyond sanity, wild and untamed. there is nothing new here. "new" content on 4chan is not found; it is created from old material. every interesting, offensive, shocking, or debate inspiring topic youve seen elsewhere has been posted here ad infinitum. we are the reason for "not safe for work". we are the anonymous army. cross us and you will fail. anonymous is everywhere. you depend on us every day. we bag your groceries, we fix your computers. anonymous sees you before you see him. sitting at desks around the world right now is a nameless, faceless, unforgiving mafia composed of the best of the best.

we are 4channers. the people devoid of any type of soul or conscience. products of cynicism and apathy, spreading those very sentiments daily. anonymous is the hardened war veteran of the internet. he does not forgive or forget. we have seen things that defy explantions. heard stories that would make any god-fearing, law abiding citzen empty their stomach where they stand. we have experienced them multiple times and eagerly await their return.

4chan is a place of sheer genius and utter stupidity, and there is often a thin line dividing the two. here you will see a state of mind that exists in most human beings, but is rarely if ever shown. this is a place where taboos do not exist. 4chan cannot simply be regarded as a simple website or imageboard. it is so much more than code. 4chan is alive and constantly changing. this is a subculture, a self-governing sect of the world. rich in history and foundation. to become a 4chan user is to speak a different language. to leave behind any methods of conventional thinking you once knew.

there are things here that you will not understand and things you never will understand. if you cannot accept this then GTFO now. because there is no turning back.
this is 4chan
this is /b/
by Anonymousdoesnotforgive June 01, 2006
A place on the Internet where it's cool to be ignorant, about things such as genocide--which leaves Tumblr users in a sissy twist, whatever that means.
4chan User: Communism is not a scam! Adolf Hitler died for us, just so he could carry out the New World Order!
Tumblr User: Wow, check your privilege already. It's not funny to make fun of the 40, 000, 000 Jewish people who died during such a dark time in history.
by Penguindrum April 09, 2015
The worst invention in the world, bro. It's a totally oldschool website for noobs, nerds, and geeks of the internet. Don't get me wrong, there are totally radd noobs, nerds, and geeks, but users of 4Chan are totally not a part of that group.
Have you ever heard of 4Chan?

Yeah, and you must use it 'cause you're lame.
by AdrianneNicolle May 09, 2011
A place made by satan with all his followers on the site. All of the stuff is fucked up and you don't want to see it.
guy1: hey what site did that guy post those j law nudes??
guy2: 4chan of course
by Rumsonfairhavenboi June 03, 2015
A useless site where people post links to content for the sole purpose of mocking the creators of said content.
Some of my videos sadly ended up on some 4chan board, netting me hundreds of views from mean-spirited social rejects.
by Name-42 June 20, 2016
“ Outside the ordered Internet is that retarded blight of racist austism which lies and blasphemes at the center of all memedom—the boundless retard sultan 4chan, whose name no sane lips dare speak aloud, and who gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted forums beyond the internet and the real world, amidst the sad, pathetic penis's of vile twelve year olds and the disturbed monotonous whine of accursed fags. „
~ F.U. Derpcraft
" 4chan azath
Golfget pepe
Fghaten swedenistan
Dat boi cyolegh
/b/ kathagh
Squtgh'g rule 34! "
- Unholy chant to summon 4chan
by British Borat May 11, 2016
Notorious hacker who recently gained fame by hacking and posting nudes of many celebrities, the event also known as "the fappening". Celebrities that suffered from the hacker was Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence and many others.
"Whos this 4chan person?"

"He's the hacker who released celebrities' nudes"
by OsS November 07, 2014
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