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This is an opinion that has obviously been produced in some media via a "bought and paid for" mechanism, usually very cheaply. A combination of "4 bits" which equals 50 cents and the word, "opinion."
This can not be true. Our government has consistently assured us that China and the Chinese Govt do not have the technology or the man power to be responsible for competent hacking of american computers. All of the hacking of top secret govt instilations around the world could not be definitively linked to China. And these accusations that China has successfully hacked several classified govt computers are completly unfounded.
We have nothing to fear from China. After all they own Billions (or is it trillions) of dollars in stakes in our economy, businesses & banks and have nothing but our best intrest in mind. Yahoo comment left in response to a DOS attack on's petition for political prisoner release This comment instigated the definition of "4bityun."
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by Jonboy37 April 20, 2011
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