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When one has multiple phone-sex conversations going on simultaneously.
I called Britney, Diane, and Heather at once and we had a 4G Orgy.
by Timothy Shady April 17, 2011
when a group of people (usually guys) sit around and compare cell phone features and are oblivious to anything else going on around them.
Dan, Will, and Todd were having a 4G orgy last night when they brought out their new phones.
by dno87 January 16, 2011
When a group of people with iPhone 4gs get together. It may or may not involve them talking about how much better than the 3G is.
John, bob and Laura are in a small circle bragging a to each other about their iPhone 4gs. It's a 4g Orgy.
by Darkfire757 November 02, 2010