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The team that will one day dominate the world just because they'll be the first team to ever win 20 superbowls in a row... which is called a super mega awesome gigantic Dynasty...
Aldo:/ guess what?
Fernando:/ what?
Aldo:/ The 49ers changed the pledge of allegiance!
Fernando:/ What!?! didnt they do that 15 times already!

by Danny Rodriguez August 30, 2006
536 256
1.Referring to people who hoped to find gold in the san francisco gold rush of 1849-1900.

2.Also a professional football team in san francisco.
1.49ers back then were trying to get gold

2.49ers now try to get championships
by mAGIK bUS April 23, 2005
74 35
A term in the Bay area that references the local football team (SF 49ers), except it applies to girls who think and act like they are 9s but in reality are just 4s.
Yo man peep that 49er over there, she think she all that but she is a whack!
by Walro509 May 04, 2011
44 14
A gold digging woman
Sherry is a 49ER she's always looking for sugar daddies.
by 32sixCubed February 03, 2009
33 15
An attractive person of the opposite sex that looks sexually appealing from the rear (9) and not so sexy from the front (4).
Person A: Dang, did you see that girl walking into the restaurant?
Person B: Yeah, she looks super hot. Let's wait for her to turn around!
Person A: Look! She turned around. Oh man... she looks good from the back but not from the front.
Person B: Yeah, she's definitely a 49er!
by BoltDizzle November 25, 2009
20 31
refers to someone who lives in oak hill in austin texas, or 78749
what are the 49ers doing tonight?
by 49 November 23, 2006
20 45
The mascot of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Chosen because the university was saved from being shut down in 1949.
Hail, Charlotte 49ers, proud as we can be...
by SnarlyCharly44 April 28, 2008
37 104