'495' is equal to a lie. From the initials of the Long Island Express way or LIE.
steve told sandy that he never cheated on her.
his friends knew this was a '495'.
by masterlongisland December 28, 2007
Top Definition
495 means DIE. In the alphabet, D is the 4th letter, I is the 9th letter and E is the 5th letter.
Just go 495 already.
by blackblondie13 July 11, 2005
1. weird weather dividing line.
2. divides the 2 states of Massachusetts and western mass both demographically and physically
"5 feet of snow west of 495 and sleet and rain closer to Boston"

Western Massian: "Yeah I'm from Boston"
Massachussarian: "oh no way where you from?"
Western Massian: "Hopedale"
Massachussarian: "That's West of 495...that's not even in Massachusetts.."
by Bostonian. really. February 05, 2011
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