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Having sex with Life, the Universe, and Everything. It is said that those who achieve 42nd Base will know the Ultimate Question.
"Dude, I totally got to 42nd Base last night!"

"Well, what's the Ultimate Question?!"

"Uh... how many roads must a man walk down?"

"You liar."
by Izzhov December 16, 2008
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While walking the side street of a largely populated city, an obese transvestite begins to engage in oral sex with his own genitals and asks you to ejaculate into his nostril. Simultaneously, your cousin sees the procedure taking place and summons her bestfriends for a group orgy along with some animals. For best orgasms, it is advised that you have a 5-some with your parents, your cousin, and her bestfriend. It is not uncommon for police officers to shoot a bullet up their anus when they see such things.
Transvestite: DUDE, watch me eat myself out while giving myself a handjob

Police officer: Can I join in and make this 42nd base?

Transvestite: No

Police officer: *shoots self in asshole*
by chaz42 November 08, 2008
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(noun) intercourse in which both partners are doused in marijuana oil and able to simultaneously orgasm and get high by licking and inhaling the other's skin
At the sexaholics meeting, Miri said, "Zack and me were bored with the first 41 bases so we decided to try 42nd base. It was super hot."
by emamemamemaemema WHO! November 28, 2008
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marinate your grandma with ranch dressing while a horse is raping a goat in the ass. The goat must be ramming its horns up your anus and you are licking the dressing off of your grandma while she is jamming a black dildo down her throut.
-Dude I just got done having 42nd base!
-Awesome I've only made it to 41st.
by C-BABY21 November 10, 2008
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Having sex with somebody, and as a result discovering the secrets of the universe.
Frank: Dude, I got all the way to 42nd base last night!

Steve: Sweet!!! I never knew a Philosophy Major could be so much fun in bed!
by Purlpetupils January 17, 2012
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