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ya!! its 420!! and no bob marley did not die on 420 he died may 11th..origin is from the Waldos but either way..

have fun!!! ^O_o^
why drink and drive when you can toke and fly
by trickylv April 20, 2005
When the pigs spot people smoking down on some marijuana.
Cop: Dispatch, 420 in progress, over.

PotHeads: Run its the pigs
by JohnnyFrostbite March 13, 2010
4:20 is the time that Bob Marley died. Every year, 4/20 (April 20) is celebrated as do drugs day, since bob marley used marijuana.
"You going to smoke some shit with us? It's the 420 .

420 shit smoke weed marijuana
by anonomous510 June 19, 2009
Started by the waldos. Today. It was the day where you get high. In about 2 hours I will be high. Because at school I can't smoke
420. we're gettin stooooooned!
by RileyK April 20, 2005
Hitler's birthday (April 20 1889)
April 20 1889 is Hitler's birthday
by veggieness April 19, 2005
The only day of the year where marijuana is supposed to be legally sold. But some retards in the American government decided to make it illegal, which resulted in more thefts and murders associated with marijuana.
I haven't smoked pot since the last 420. I'm scared some policeman is going to come to my door and yank me to jail, since they're just looking around for people to bust! Nosy bastards!
by hekifier is the greatest May 08, 2009
National Pot Smoking Day.

Valencia Serena Grimes' birthday: 4/20/1987

Hitler's Birthday.

France declared war in on Austria in 1882.
Ay, yo, Ange...you smokin that good green wit grimey, today? It's her birthday, ya know?--Max

"Of, course!!!! It's 420!!"--Ange
by Valencia Grimes April 19, 2006