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An over-used term signifying pot or potheads.
420 is behind 69 in being the most over-used number.
by Corb March 16, 2005
420 is a date standing for April 20th. Which is actually the average date for the spring equinox. 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark, which is the perfect amount of light for your lovely ladies. A wild one would begin to bud around this date, so its not a coincident that this would be a common saying referring to bud and over time would evolve to a saying referring smoking.
420 dude
by Refer to me as Seph February 17, 2010
Its Also Hitler's Birthday!!

April 20th!!
German 1:do you know what day it is?
German 2:yea, its 420..like April 20th...
German 1:Yea! Hitler's Birthday!!
by Baby Buns December 05, 2008
april 20th ...pot day. a day when everyone celebrates pot. its on this day because it is the ticket number used when someone is caught with pot
dude i cant wait until 420.
by wendie April 11, 2007
National weed day.
To go smoke weed
Refering to weed, pot,
1. It's 4(april) 20(day).
2. Let's go smoke some 420.
3. Did you hit that 420.
by Shannon January 30, 2004
Of its many def. Me and my friends define it like this: 4/20-almost like a holiday for stoners when they can just get high all day n' night. Also when everybody is sold out, so u betta buy ya shit before 4/20!
Aye man, it's close to 4/20 we betta stock up if ya know what I mean.
-Yah fo sho.
by Unknown July 25, 2003
When smoking marijuana and your friend pass out. The most experienced pot smoking person there takes a pen and writes 420 on the burn outs arm. Everyone signs their names and date it.
Amberlyn: hey Carson! Wake up! Im going to 420 you
Emma: Get the pen!
Amberlyn: Carson you just got 420ed
by Amberlyn Gram March 08, 2010