A time and date at which people enjoy smoking more pot than they would at any other time on any other day. It is also my birthday.
Dude it's 420 lets get even more fucked than we already are!

Dude! It's my birthday too, even more reason to get even more fucked!!
by bongsaremybirthright October 16, 2004
A very simple definition of Marijuana by the ounce.
28 (grams) * 15 ( Dollars / gram) = 420
by Not.new July 05, 2009
Its Also Hitler's Birthday!!

April 20th!!
German 1:do you know what day it is?
German 2:yea, its 420..like April 20th...
German 1:Yea! Hitler's Birthday!!
by Baby Buns December 05, 2008
An over-used term signifying pot or potheads.
420 is behind 69 in being the most over-used number.
by Corb March 16, 2005
An incredibly idiotic holiday, usually celebrated by wanna-be potheads who think that he/she is cool.
However, some people just smoke during 420 because, hey, they want to get high.
So chances are, if you're celebrating that stupid holiday...you're pathetic. (unless you're the noted above)

I smoke whenever, because weed is great; anytime of anyday.
boy: "it's 420! i'm getting sooooo high!!!
me: "go lick a window, you stupid, poser, asshole."
by TweekyNeeky August 10, 2010
it is a section of indian penal code which deals with cheating dishonesty and similar type of crimes in popular culture in india a fraudster cheater criminal type person is called 420 i think so this word has orginated frm ipc 420 section
dont trust him he is 420
by mumbairocker15 April 13, 2010
The optimal vaporization temperature for marijuana (in degrees Farenheit) when utilizing a Digital Volcano Vaporizer.
Dude #1: Hey Dude, Let's get baked at 350.
Dude #2: Forget it dude - I like to get the job done at 420!
by TheAnonymous1 May 23, 2008

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