An oustanding sailboat, used for recreational purposes and racing.
Damn, that's a hot 420.
Let's go sail some 420s.
by Maida May 06, 2006
420 means national weed smoking day, also it is a number between 419 421.
Man 1: Hey dude, its 420 today!
Man 2: Uh what's 420?
Man 1: The fourth month twentieth day.
Man 2: What? April 20th is 420?
Man 1: Ya its national weed smoking day.
by The real Samuel June 02, 2012
Bob Dylan should be given credit for it cause it came from him. Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35. do the math people. 12X35=420 every time. there is NO WAY this is a coincidence. i cant believe that people still say this was from some high school kids. it may have been them that started it, but they got it from this song. EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED!!!
by motleyme February 19, 2011
This supposed holiday was actually created by a Governmental Agency in an attempt to secure, arrest and imprison marijuana users. In 1957 a secret Government society ironically named "Numbers" was to spread word of a holidy. One that celebrated when marijuana was first discovered. Beware of this holiday, for it is more likely a Government conspiracy to attack marijuana users. Nah, I'm just fucking around. Does sound like something a pothead would say though huh? Paranoid anyone?
420 CyanideChild420... yahoo screen name. hit me up
by The Real Atrocious April 21, 2009
420 is a reference for smoking marijuana, It could refer to...
420....4:20 , in the wee hours or 16:20 Hrs.
The peace symbol with ones finger gestures denotes the hands of a clock, or it is used said finger gesture no matter what time it happens to be.
by sufizmjim January 16, 2009
Highway 420 had alot of weed growing along side it, and started being used to describe smoking pot. Some claim it's a police code for pot arrests. Others have claimed that they started the term by meeting at 4:20 after school to get high.
Even if it's not a police code, I find it hard to beleive that a group of hard core stoners(the San Rafael Waldos) had after school activities. ALL of them too, not just a couple. All the stoners I knew wouldn't even stay till the end of school, never mind staying for clubs or whatever. What clubs were these guys in? The Glee Club? And to be so precise with their times. It just doesn't sound at all like stoners to me. I think a few guys wanted their 15 minutes of fame and duped alot of people into thinking that they started the term '420' I would like to know where it REALLY started.
The 420 highway definition sounds alot more plausible to me.
It's 420, time to vape.
by Blacklily July 19, 2008
a word used to express the time or date in which you will meet up and smoke a whole fucking shitload of marijuana with all of your friends.
Also a holiday held on April 20 where everyone in the worlds celebrates the fact that they are raging potheads.
Hey Waylon, Happy 420....see you at 420 to smoke that dizzank.
by Trent April 20, 2004

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