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California Senate Bill 420 (known as the Medical Marijuana Program Act) was a bill introduced by John Vasconcellos of the California State Senate, and passed by the California State Legislature and signed by Governor Gray Davis. This was the bill that legalized medical Marijuana.
Do you remember that awesome bill that they passed called 420? Lets all go toke and get high on 4/20 to honor it!!

by J Mile 22 April 07, 2009
420 is a reference for smoking marijuana, It could refer to...
420....4:20 , in the wee hours or 16:20 Hrs.
The peace symbol with ones finger gestures denotes the hands of a clock, or it is used said finger gesture no matter what time it happens to be.
by sufizmjim January 16, 2009
420 in india is basically reffered to an naughty , mischevious fella ..used mostly in colleges nd skools ..
that Kedesh is a 420 big tym
by Blueblaze January 14, 2009
Highway 420 had alot of weed growing along side it, and started being used to describe smoking pot. Some claim it's a police code for pot arrests. Others have claimed that they started the term by meeting at 4:20 after school to get high.
Even if it's not a police code, I find it hard to beleive that a group of hard core stoners(the San Rafael Waldos) had after school activities. ALL of them too, not just a couple. All the stoners I knew wouldn't even stay till the end of school, never mind staying for clubs or whatever. What clubs were these guys in? The Glee Club? And to be so precise with their times. It just doesn't sound at all like stoners to me. I think a few guys wanted their 15 minutes of fame and duped alot of people into thinking that they started the term '420' I would like to know where it REALLY started.
The 420 highway definition sounds alot more plausible to me.
It's 420, time to vape.
by Blacklily July 19, 2008
The optimal vaporization temperature for marijuana (in degrees Farenheit) when utilizing a Digital Volcano Vaporizer.
Dude #1: Hey Dude, Let's get baked at 350.
Dude #2: Forget it dude - I like to get the job done at 420!
by TheAnonymous1 May 23, 2008
1. The day where pot smokers unite and get fuckin blazed as shit
2. April 20th, 1999- Columbine shootings.
3. April 20th, 2006- Anna Svidersky gets murdered by some whackass fuck
4. Hitler's birthday. Fuck his shyt though.
Why the fuck do I need a damn example?! 420.
by KADIE :) April 20, 2007
An incredibly idiotic holiday, usually celebrated by wanna-be potheads who think that he/she is cool.
However, some people just smoke during 420 because, hey, they want to get high.
So chances are, if you're celebrating that stupid're pathetic. (unless you're the noted above)

I smoke whenever, because weed is great; anytime of anyday.
boy: "it's 420! i'm getting sooooo high!!!
me: "go lick a window, you stupid, poser, asshole."
by TweekyNeeky August 10, 2010

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