At San Rafael High, a public high school in North Bay, in 1971 a group called the Waldos would say 420 to eachother when walking in between classes. Letting them know to be at the statue of Louis Pasteur at 4:20pm to go toke.
Jim - "420"
Steve - "420"
by FJP August 06, 2007
the day bob marley died and to pay repsect and to remember him it was named 'national pot smoking day'.
"dude, its 420. lets go smoke some pot"
by Jessica April 20, 2005
4 20 (Or 420) is hitlars birthday, and the date the a school shooting occured because of this Its used as a code when a gang wants to kill someone.
"lets put the 4 20 down on that crip"
by mc. boooosss August 06, 2007
Everyonee is WRONG- 420 is the police code for a weed bust!
Officer Brinkly we have a 420 on a white cargo van.
by lil miss April 29, 2006
dipshits. none of u know it. 420, started by the grateful dead (im pretty sure its them and not the waldos) cuz the waldo's couldnta started a worldwide thing, u dumbfucks.and its when u get high, the date is all messed up, cuz poseurs at my school got arrested for gettin high today, cuz right now its 4/20, and t heyre losers cuz they dont even know whatit is. dude, theyre fuckin poseur ass gayasses
hey look, ur a donkeyshit!
by fuckyou April 20, 2004
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