twenny minutes after four. Coowinsidentaly 10 minutes before spongebob. you got 10 minutes... GO!
you are gay... all of you.
I agree with that one kid who sayd don'y advertise. ya potheed.
by Gepetto AKA FERRARI October 03, 2003
jake's pj's and now ant's favorite day of the year and also time
god..i dont wanna be with them on 4/20 at 4:20's gonna be funny
by brooke March 30, 2003
It was started in Ann Arbor Michigan, home of the National smoke out, after school let out @ 4, by 4:20 you were getting high
by cbrzz7 October 06, 2003
The day of crack, heroine, speed, pot, weed, the orange butterfly, bongs, smack, booze, & all that utha shit we hippies use to get whacked up on. Fuck gettin' high on life - we nucka's gettin' high on DRUGS!!!!!!!!
Me: "Tomorrow is 420, therefore Matt & my buddies & I are heading down to The Hole to get high off our asses. Wanna join?"

Random Naked Hobo: (shrug) Sure, why not.
by Henry The Circumsizer December 16, 2006
4.20 = national weed day!! hooray!!.. but you obviously already knew that.. but what i bet you dont know is THATS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! arent i the coolest?!? cause i think i am.. hahahahaa
let's all celebrate 420 by buying ME lots and lots of presents!!! yeah.. thx. =]
by HALEY IS THE COOLEST August 12, 2006
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