the practise of using medicinal herbal medicines in whatever form (smoking, drinking, eating)
PERSON 1: aye dood lets go for a 4/20
PERSON 2: Sure bro
by Brother Number One June 28, 2003
A day in april or a time in a day when pot is to be smoked
hey man lets get high at 420..
by bleh May 29, 2003
a day and time for cotton mouth and munchies, to be passin out only God knows where and to cheese until its your hit. Who cares where it came from, its here now and its my favorite time of the day...UUUURRR DONE!!!
life aint so funny when the clock hits 420 and you aint got no money and u wanna get high
by mlm April 29, 2003
Just a time of day...if you don't know by now, then get tha f#&@ on, B!+%*.
It's 4:20, so we gonna twist.
by Phlash420 April 03, 2003
the most important time in a stoners day. most stoners say 4/20 (April 20) is considered to be one of the greatest days of the year. gettin hiigh
its 420 spark a blunt
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
the best time to get high so im told
yo its 420, damn we missed it, owell!!
420 always on time
by Tyz Gurl January 20, 2003
the day 4 (april) 20th- the best day to go get high cuz its national pot day so what do you think ur doing go get high on 420
i cant wait for 420 cuz i am gonna get soo fucked up
by chelz June 27, 2002

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