National fucking weed smoking day...and it's Hitler's birthday.

roll, roll, roll the joint. Toss the seeds and stems. Light it up and take a hit...pass it to a friend.
"Dude, i'm stoned out of my mind."
"me too...Pass that J."
by hang_up_your_boots April 20, 2005
the best fucking holiday! im celebrating by smoking massive weed and listening to bob marley! rock on!
1. its 4/20, lets light up
2. its 4:20, lets go out back and smoke this joint
3. its hitlers b-day
4. all the kids at columbine were high so they had no idea what was going on
by the chigger April 20, 2004
the current date
today is 420, my friends are faggots and waste their time on a money consuming addiction because they think this day has significance, even though it doesnt.
by April 20, 2004
It's not time all over the world to get high... The world gets high in, uhh, sects spreading across the world like waves because it hits 4:20 a different time everywhere... Pot smoke all released into the air... Wave after wave after wave a dgsfgasnfagffngf
by fdgfdsgd October 12, 2003
time to smoke ur dank.
dude its 420 lets smoke our reefer, its the dankist shit on the block.
by 4our2wentyb0yz July 30, 2003
the practise of using medicinal herbal medicines in whatever form (smoking, drinking, eating)
PERSON 1: aye dood lets go for a 4/20
PERSON 2: Sure bro
by Brother Number One June 28, 2003
A day in april or a time in a day when pot is to be smoked
hey man lets get high at 420..
by bleh May 29, 2003

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