1. makes potheads worldwide feel like they are part of a secret club
2.a sticker stupid potheads put on their vehicles to advertise to police that if you pull me over you'll probably find weed, pipes, roaches, and maybe even a firearm.
1. hey dude, 420, hee heee hee
2. self explanatory
by sick December 14, 2003
a)420 is weeeeed.
b)4:20 is the best time of day (am or pm) to get high.
c)april 20th (4/20) is the holy day for all potheads. smoke till you dont even know where you are.
a)I got some 420 in my pocket.
b)It's time for 4:20
c)On 4/20 we gonna smoke like its the end of the world.
by chrissy April 12, 2003
420...april 20th, a day of enjoyment and pure euphoria. This is National Pot Smoking day, but it's not recognized by the government. The term was once used to just be a incognito way to make toke plans. But incognito it is no more...either way, "celebrate we will for life is short but sweet for certain"
time: "it's 4:20, spark it up!"
date: "its 4-20, pack it up, roll it up, spark it up...just blaze!"
by daytripper March 09, 2003
my favorite holiday.

pot day. YEAH.

only downside is its also:
national sxe kids bitchfest day.
420. highh all dayyy CHEA.
by highallthetime April 20, 2006
(n.) the integer between 419 and 421.
Hey did you know that 60 times 7 is 420?
Yeah dude! Isn't that so kewl?!
by Agoon Jumba Wuumba December 18, 2005
fuck what all those bitches who wrote what 420 means just do it pimpin chop and blaze Nigga!
its 420 lets roll a sticky baby
by i forgot April 28, 2005
Hitlers Birthday, and a day to celebrate the fact that a bunch of hippies over in Cali made 420 their high time code...
Dude! Party on 4/20 for Hitler, bring the pot!!!
by hitler April 22, 2005

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