1. stoners new year, when everyone breaks out their best stuff

2. Hitlers birthday
"hey, u celebrating 4:20 today?"
"oh yea! HEIL!"
by Stoner Eyes August 23, 2004
Columbine Day. 4/20/1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold commited the worst school massacre to date, killing 13 and injuring many more in their suicide mission at their local Highschool.
-What's with the date 420?
-Dude, it's Columbine day!
by bitchslap May 11, 2006
you guys are fucking stupid, 420 was originated in southern california by a group called the waldos, 1 of them heard about a patch of weed plants so they decided to go look for it after school at 4:20pm they never found the weed patch but they still got high as shit off the stuff they did have. Today it is national weed smoking day/time and is today, so im still a little high =D
its 4:20 on 420, lets blazeeeee
by Genius Weed Smoka April 20, 2006
The weed business, is of course more important, but it's also Adolf Hitler and Peter Frampton's Birthday.
Dude: Hey man, baked potatoes are cool.
Dude 2: hey...yeah...cough...I wish I was a baked potato.

Girl: We baked this cookie just before 420
Dude: I baked right before 420

What's ET short for?
He's got little legs.

Why's there only one Eiffel Tower?
Because they eat their young!
by The Dude of...Bong-itude January 14, 2006
Some people say it's "National Smoke Weed Day" or whatever. But it's actually Adolf Hitler's Birthday.
Stupid kid: Haha, you said 420!
Teacher: 420 is Hitler's birthday if you didn't all know you morons.
by DJ Tolman March 07, 2004
The best day and my personal favorite day of the year.
The guy who left the definiton from the source YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS, sounds a little too cranky, maybe he should celebrate 420. (DUMBASS!)
by LaLa January 05, 2004
1. makes potheads worldwide feel like they are part of a secret club
2.a sticker stupid potheads put on their vehicles to advertise to police that if you pull me over you'll probably find weed, pipes, roaches, and maybe even a firearm.
1. hey dude, 420, hee heee hee
2. self explanatory
by sick December 14, 2003

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