1. April 20th.

2. National pot smoking day (April 20th).

3. A 2 person racing sailboat made by Vanguard and used in the olympics.
1. It's 420

2. it's 420 do you know where your weed is?

3. "lets go 420ing" "do u have the weed?" "no, lets go sailing!"
by iz March 27, 2005
The number that follows 419.
<What number comes after 419?>
<420! You idiot!>
by BJ August 25, 2004
1. stoners new year, when everyone breaks out their best stuff

2. Hitlers birthday
"hey, u celebrating 4:20 today?"
"oh yea! HEIL!"
by Stoner Eyes August 23, 2004
Some people say it's "National Smoke Weed Day" or whatever. But it's actually Adolf Hitler's Birthday.
Stupid kid: Haha, you said 420!
Teacher: 420 is Hitler's birthday if you didn't all know you morons.
by DJ Tolman March 07, 2004
1. makes potheads worldwide feel like they are part of a secret club
2.a sticker stupid potheads put on their vehicles to advertise to police that if you pull me over you'll probably find weed, pipes, roaches, and maybe even a firearm.
1. hey dude, 420, hee heee hee
2. self explanatory
by sick December 14, 2003
a song by the kottonmouth kings
“pass it around” at 420 everybody’s burning Ganja”
by laurwhore January 22, 2008
when you ask a bunch of stoned youths what 420 means you may get some wild stories. from what i've heard the definition ranges from being as simple as date or time of day to having to do with spring/summer solstice and psychology. Don't tell me you haven't thought of that! trust me you did but you forgot (i love stoners like that). 420 means a time and day to get high, a code to meet friends to get high with, and a way of relating the positivity people that smoke weed possess and openly communicate. have a nice day.
my uncle says he came up with 420 when he was stoned but forgot to tell people
by raymond s April 20, 2007
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