National Pot Smoking Day.

Valencia Serena Grimes' birthday: 4/20/1987

Hitler's Birthday.

France declared war in on Austria in 1882.
Ay, yo, smokin that good green wit grimey, today? It's her birthday, ya know?--Max

"Of, course!!!! It's 420!!"--Ange
by Valencia Grimes April 19, 2006
For all you normal people that don't want to know all this shit about marijuana, a 420 is a type of two-person club sailboat.
dude! lets go rock that 420 and win1
by rich March 27, 2005
1. Pot Smokers Holiday

2. Code Term for "Let's go Burn One" Aka. "It's Doobie:30"

3. The day my Husband & I married in Humboldt County California. 4-20-02. Yes, we are big fans of tetrahydrocannabinol and the legalization of medicinal cannabis. See N.O.R.M.L.
Husband: Holy shit, it's 4:20 on 4/20....we better go burn one!!!

Wife: Then let's fuck like pigs whilst burning a fatty since it's our anniversary!!!

Hsband: Aww Man, I love you!
by Sassy420_grl April 21, 2004
A term that has been used and abused by the general public for the past 8 years regarding time for the partaking of marijuana, therefore has lost whatever "coolness" it possessed, so quit saying it!!
Let's go to the park and destroy it for everyone by carving 420 into the trees and tables.

It's always 420 to the nuggetmaster.

There's seven pages of definitions for 420 on urban dictionary... may as well add another one.
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance January 27, 2004
Adolf Hitler's birthday.
The pageantry of the Third Reich and the precision of its army reached a dramatic climax during the festivities honoring Adolf Hitler on his 50th birthday: April 20th, 1939. This complete Nazi newsreel shows Berlin--adorned with flags and floral displays by its citizens and monolithic statuary designed by Albert Speer--preparing for the holiday. Scenes of throngs of Germans congratulating their leader are followed by a review staged by Germany's armed forces--the greatest military demonstration in the history of the Third Reich.
by Dallas 1 April 23, 2005
a day when kids ditch school. usually to smoke, drink, have sex, and "party". this 420 there was almost a columbine thing at my old junior high. kids are dumb on 420.
"Hey! are you smoking with us on 420. we are getting so stoned!"
by im_just_me April 22, 2005
back in 1971, out in cali, a few potheads starting using 420 as a code for the time they were gonna go, people sometimes refer to pot as "420"...other people say 4:20 is the perfect time to smoke...for me, any time is the perfect time to smoke! anyways, 4:20 is kinda this secret among stoners, all u gotta say is "hey man it's 4:20" and any respectable pothead will know what you mean. also, april 20th has became somewhat of a national stoner day...for me, i blaze everyday at 4:20 am and at 4:20 pm, cuz any excuse to smoke, i'm gonna take it...on april 20th, u gotta blaze from 12 am to 12 pm cuz it's a holiday. the count down til the 20th is on. yeah, so it all started with a few kids out in cali...but now, 4:20 is smoking time every day and april 20th, well that's the day to get fucked up, even more fucked up than usual
Hey it's 4:20 (let's go smoke)
Hey, today's April 20th (we're gonna get so fucked up)
by light it up April 14, 2005

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