Enough said...to all you stonerz out there...u know wut I'm talkin bout...Itz the best time of the day mayn...the only thang that we remember we say...
So yea...ROCK on potheadz...
other than light it up and take a puff...you can never get stoned to much...or puff puff pass...or ne one got grass...or I need to get high...I smoke weed everyday no lie.
Herez one for ya...I made it up ehen I wuz stoned...
I wuz here but now I not...
I'm in my room smoking pot...
I'm telling you this message to prove a point...
Life meanz nothin without a joint...
FUCK YEA MAYN...so party hard...
and smoke a LOT a WEED
by Chickshady420 January 28, 2003
A day where people gather to celebrate and consumer cannabis, better known as marijuana. The term derived from a group of teenagers at a high school in San Rafael, California back in 1971, who would meet after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke marijuana at the Louis Pasteur statue.
Happy 420!!
by HaraShogunate April 20, 2009
April 20th, 1889: Adolf Hitler is born. Yep, 420 is Hitler's birthday. Look it up. Bet you stoners didn't know that, huh?
"I think I'm gonna go celebrate 420."
by Sgtstumpy April 20, 2009
420 has 3 meanings to fringe elements within the mob or populace. April 20 or 4/20 is Hitler's birthday to the right wing White Power movement-the date on which the Columbine school massacre occurred in Littleton Colorado. Some Muslim sects believe that April 20 is the date that "the profit" Mohammad was born-like Christmas to the Christians. It is also the police "10 code" derivation of "drug deal in progress" and slang for smoking a joint among the cannabis sub-culture. And, 2 applications: 2 of the meanings have negative connotations and hate-terrorism. 1 on the meanings is benign and carrying-smoking a joint. Submitted by Randy Emery of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe-Lakota on April 20,2016.
"It's 420. Lets make an impact and kill some American Jews." This statement works for both morally repugnant terrorist designations. "Hey, it's 420. lets go for a nature walk and discuss the universe then come back and eat while they Bar B Q." This statement bodes well for the Cannabis sub-culture.
by Sunghila Sapa June 03, 2016
Yes it was the time 4:20 when pot smokers met but not at San Rafael High, or maybe they did, and it's a coincidence, but at Edison High School in Huntington Beach California. 1971, and 1972, deals and smoke were happening behind the Horticulture area and 4:20 was the time. It became a code even then, you would raise 4 finger and then 2. It meant see you at the spot at 4:20. There was a reason for the time, it was when the area would be clear of any supervision and was a free place to smoke. There was a lot of pot grown in the horticulture class, and I remember once when we were all waiting for My Hoyland to leave, he came rushing in the room with a flat full of small pot plants and he wanted to know whose they were. The plants were all too small to have been any of ours! Our stuff was already well over 3 feet to 5 feet high and planted throughout the school grounds. My favorite was just outside the principals office window! 420!!!! It's quite possible that some students transferred to San Raf or from there to Edison and brought the code with them?
But 420 was the code for pot smokers, it defined the place and time!
420 was also a group which became a political party one year. Edison was rumored at that time to be high on the list (Nixons watch dog for drugs in schools) of the most wise spread use of pot and so called drugs in the country. 3 narcs were assigned at this time to our school, they were nick named by the 420's as the "Mod Squad" and were all over 25 years old and looked it! LOL! In a predominately white school 1 of them was black, the 3 wore expensive hippy clothes and spoke like cops. They were led on by 420 stoners and at an election rally a certain candidate sponsored by the 420 group, who also passed out Vote for me on rolling papers, made a speech wanting to legalize weed on campus, (That was the 420's agenda) and then at the end of the speech pointed out the Mod Squad, and identified them as undercover narcs. They left in a hurry and were never seen again. The 420's pulled pranks and were known to smoke openly, trying to find ways to make pot accepted.
by Lyle Gibson April 21, 2011
a small boat used to sail that is moderately fast but takes a few mintes to rig and derig. Can be used in varsity races and beginners sailing.
hey you wanna race yur laser against my 420?
by souljafortune October 23, 2008
Most people don't know this. Like the dumb shit that said something about a bunch of pot smokers wanting a code language. Bull shit. On April 20 of 1937 marijuana was outlawed by the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. Stoners smoke on that day just to be ass holes because it was outlawed on that day. Its a rebellion more than anything else.
420 is when I smoke weed.
by excicutioner April 27, 2015
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