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420 is april 20 the day to smoke your best bud, or national pot smoking day. It all started with a bunch of teenagers called the Waldos.
stoners mental math 4+20 = 420.... lets go smoke.
by mhorittochelln June 23, 2005
The temperature in degrees Farenheight which marijuana has to be heated to to work.
Make sure to heat those brownies up to 420 degrees when you bake them.
by PB April 21, 2004
Yep, i read most of these but i got bored about halfway through cause i know the truth.. there are 421 chemicals in weed, reef, goodleaf, ganj, buddha, the sticky nugs, and yep even that brown frown...

Wanna know some real funny sh-t, I learned that at school.

That and April 20th u gotta get up wit ya boys and bring back that original rotation y'all started at the tennis courts behind school in 9th grade.. SHOTTIES TO THA FACE
420: Its FoTwinny mang.. roll up the windows, u gotta light?
by Benny Blanco April 20, 2006
4-20-1889 is Adolf Hitlers Birthday. Dring the holocuast,on his birthday he would "Light it up" as in gas more jews then the usual.

Pot smokers "Light up" at 4:20 to protest the sick violece of hitler. Also on April 20th has turned into National Smoke Pot Day (u.s.a.)
Smoke it up @ 4 20
by Oh snap o.o February 18, 2009
it is a secret symbol...if you turn you're head 90 degrees to the right it looks like a man sititng on his porch smoking some weed
420... turn to the left
by NK + ID April 22, 2006
ok all u ppl r wrong 420 is the day and month weed was discoverd april 20th.....discraces
yoooooo its bout to b 420

i no im bout to get an "O" of tht wangin dro
by boobiemon420 December 15, 2007
420 crew reppin'
420 holla
by ant March 09, 2003
420 is now known as Pot Smokers Day, but in the early 90s, April 20th was National Smoke Out Day, encouraging people NOT to smoke cigarettes. We all know what "smoke out" means now.
Happy 420!

It's 420. We need some goodie good good.
by ImAWriter May 30, 2008