a 40 is the money equivalent to a gram of cocaine that you would purchase from your local drug dealer. And it comes in a little baggie. that sells for 40$ hence the name 40!
Friend #1: man were gonna need some blow tonight

Friend #2: YEAH lets get some. how much you want to get?

Friend #1: I was thinking about getting a 40?

Friend #2 MMMM. That sounds GOOD i got $20 on it!
by Pincky April 14, 2009
Being twice as sexy as you were when you were 20.
Girl : No! Im turning 40 today!
Best friend : That means youre twice as sexy as you were when you were 20!
Girl : You're right !
by HEYYYY x its me ! August 11, 2009
slang term for a 40mg oxycontin which is a powerful narcotic.
dude:yo man lets get a 40. you call your guy?

dude2:heyya heyaa lets get that shit in our nose!
by scarewizard May 25, 2009
A popular firearms caliber.
.40SW (Smith and Wesson).
Powerful and compact, it is the choice caliber of law enforement and criminals alike.
"Aint no nigga try'a messin with ma 40 cal, by smit n' wessin'"
by .357ROB September 30, 2003
ford mustang 4.0 v8 convertible
got pulled up in my 4.0 and got ticket for no licence
by elilaporte February 05, 2008
40 oz. of beer. Usually of a low quality and makes you instant white trash when you drink said bottle
Judy, get me a 40 bitch.
by ducttape16 March 29, 2003
a forty ounce of beer
Yo i got a set of forty in my trunk lets screw theys ho's and get drunk
by **PiMpEr** April 10, 2003
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