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A popular firearms caliber.
.40SW (Smith and Wesson).
Powerful and compact, it is the choice caliber of law enforement and criminals alike.
"Aint no nigga try'a messin with ma 40 cal, by smit n' wessin'"
by .357ROB September 30, 2003
72 109
A bottle containing 40 fluid ounces of malt liquor beer. The beer is of low quality and fairly cheap to buy. A bottle can run you usually between 2 and three dollars depending on brand. 40's are popular in a variety of areas and are drunken by many types of people. Gangstas will drink 40's and will sometimes pour out a little of the beer onto the ground for their dead homies. Teenagers also like to drink 40's because it is a fast way to get drunk and all the beer is in one bottle opposed to drinking several smaller 12 ounce bottles and/or cans. Some brands of beer produced in the 40 ounce variety are Clot 45, Olde English, Mickey's, and King Cobra.
"Pass me that 40 motherfucka!"

"I'm gonna pick up some 40's for tonight."
by IceWarm June 22, 2004
1985 353
A bottle containing forty fluid ounces of beer, ale, malt liquor, distilled urine, etc... Usually costs under 3 bucks and is the equivalent of about 3 1/3 standard size (12 fl/oz.) cans or bottles of beer.

What you drink when you wanna get but all the money you have was change found in your couch and/or car.
I once paid under two dollars for 40 ounces of malt liquor, it was the worst libation I had ever consumed, but I got pissy drunk.
by sextypething December 15, 2003
422 194
Forty Ounce Malt Liquor, Popular with ghetto people
yo let me get a 40 right quick
by ac January 30, 2004
348 276
A Bachelor of Health Sciences Student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Currently resides in Mary E. Keyes Residence.

His ideals are reflected by his relentless pursuit of a perfect GPA: a 4.0, so to speak.

The man would give up anything and everything for a 4.0, including all extracurricular endeavors and sex life (or lack thereof).
When asked "How would you like to go on a date with me?"

4.0 answered, "I'm sorry, I cannot do that since I must focus on my studies."
by Tripse 4.0 February 01, 2010
103 35
40oz of any alcoholic beverage. Colt 45, King Cobra, English 800, all example of popular 40oz.
Ya tuned a spanging job into a life long career
For a tin of tabacco and a 40 of beer
-Leftover Crack
by Andrew Apocalypse March 26, 2005
182 132
Derogatory slang for mall security guards/vehicles. Derived from 5-0, a slang term for police officers/vehicles.
The 4-0 got on my ass after I boosted that Clay Aiken CD from Sam Goody.
by Sam March 04, 2004
53 9
1: a number
2: an age that nears closer to mid-life
3: slang for a 40 ounce alchoholic beverage usually consumed by wynos
1: Man that guy just hustled me for $40.
2: Happy 40th birthday you old nutsack.
3: Hey my man go to the liquor n grab some 40z. I wana get shitfaced.
by Major mackin July 26, 2009
146 106