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An alcoholic drink made by combining a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor or beer with a can of Sparks, Tilt or any other type of alcoholic energy drink. The top third of the 40 should be drunk first and then the Sparks or Tilt should be poured into the bottle in order to refill it. The 40 Volt is reputed to be quite potent, even in the hands of prolific drinkers.

The drink is rumored to have been invented on the west coast of the United States but it first gained prominence at Columbia University in the state of New York.
"This 40 Volt is a superb combination. The malt liquor and energy drink combine to form a unique flavor profile that tastes far better than either the 40 or the energy drink on their own. It far surpasses its constituent parts! Drink on gentlemen!"

"Dude, that 40 Volt fucked me the fuck up last night."
by The Scarlet PIMPernell May 03, 2010
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