The amount of alcohol it takes to get a sexy woman to get on you... for uglier guys it takes 9 shots.
The chick is sexy, definitely a 4 shots
by Jank,Hank,Kank June 19, 2011
Top Definition
In Halo terms, this comes from the battle rifle. Connect with the least ammount to kill. 4 shots.
"Bllattt" "Bllattt" "Bllattt" "Bllattt"

"Get 4 shotted nub"
by grim!!! July 14, 2009
What I do to noobs who rush me with an AR.
Me "braat, braatt, braatt, bratt."
Noob " WTF"
Me "Get raped by my 4 shot."
by SKE3MASK August 08, 2009
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