4 cylinder engine (low power) usually found in rice rockets
"That ricer looks cool, but only has a 4 banger under the hood"
by calipimp995 April 17, 2004
Top Definition
A car with 4 cylinders
The 91 Buick Skylark with a 2.5L TBI is such a beast that vipers and mustangs fear it like Cinnamon Andy.
by Pocono Johny December 20, 2004
an internal combustion engine with four cylinders, whether gas(oline) or diesel
My newest 7.5 kWatt generator is a 4 banger that's aircooled.
by Jake April 01, 2004

1. a motor with four cylinders in a row

2. a motor vehicle with this type of engine
A 4 banger was lying around in the garage.
by The Return of Light Joker February 20, 2009
1.) A vehicle in which the motor contains 4 cylinders. Different types of motors include: inline 4 cylinder (Ford Ranger), flat 4 (VW), and others.
2.) Knows to the crew of 3rd floor Mauldin, Clemson Univ.- to smoke 4 cigarettes one after the other.
-That rice rocket is slow it only has a 4 banger.
-My Ranger looks good but it still only has a 4 banger.
by ebwheel'n March 26, 2004
When a trick is taken in a game of Eurche and 4 points are scored
Dude I had the right and took a 4 banger.
by Mr. Thicke March 30, 2004
A car that is missing 4 cylinders due to the fact it actually only has 4 cylinders. Usually found in nice little economy cars or stupid rice mobiles.
Honda Civic ricer and a two ton Lincoln Town Car at the stop light.
Ricer: Hey ready to get your stock V8 spanked by my V-TAK Civic?
Town Car: Oh I'm sorry what did you say I couldn't hear you over my stock Alpine sound system?
The light turns green and of course the 4 Banger Civic which is supposed to just be an economy car gets destroyed by a 25 mpg two ton Lincoln Town Car.
by deltapilot March 31, 2009
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