a TIME in the 70's where a group of teens would gather after school got out to smoke marijuana. 4:20 was the perfect time because it was after school, enough time to get the weed and smoke before parents got home. since then april 20th has become a "holiday" in which people celebrate smoking marijuana! also, 420 is NOT a police number and they do NOT say that when they see people doing drugs.
"you wana get high? afterall it is 4/20."

"happy holidays, its 4/20"
by wallyworld girl April 20, 2010
Hitler's birthday and the anniversary of Columbine. A lot of people smoke weed on 4/20, which is cool but other than that it doesn't look good on the planets reputation.
I'm gonna go smoke weed now.

4/20 is a very awesome day, as long as you're not a parent who's kid got killed at Columbine.
by jmann578 September 17, 2013
The day to smoke weed... April 20th. Or every day at 4:20.
It's April 20th lets smoke an ounce
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
The day where a bunch of people go up to parliament hill (or they go anywhere) and smoke pot (weed) because the police can't get them in trouble because so many other people are doing it too! It's basically the one day that yu can smoke pot without getting into trouble...
Hey, it's 4/20, let's skip school and smoke some pot up on Parliment hill! (Ottawa)
by Litlock February 24, 2012
The day after 4/19.
"What's todays date?"
"Well yesterday was 4/19, so today is 4/20."
by GLEAS01 April 12, 2009
The day to smoke weed. It is based off of what police say when they see people doing drugs ("We have a 4/20 on...").
It is celebrated internationally and people also wear green on that day. It is also Adolf Hitler's birthday, and the date f the Columbine School shootings. Pronounced "four twenty."

Yo man, I got some fresh Columbian weed for us to smoke tomorrow... after all, it is 4/20.
by Jamesman9240 April 19, 2007
one of the most bullshistic "holidays" ever. Its the 20th day of April and is when a bunch of stoners get high.
its the gayest holiday ever because if you already get high every day then what the point? like celebrating the 4th of july so what is the fucking point of celebrating 4/20

stoner: heyy man tomorows 4/20 im so exited duhhhhhhh

regular person: wait are you high right now?

stoner: yeah duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

regular person: wtf then whats the point? its like opening christmas presents early. its just messes up the whole feeling of the holiday.

stoner: hey look a bee duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
by heyy82 June 15, 2010
Adolf Hitlers day of birth and national pot day which is the the day and or time your suppose to smoke pot.
Oh it's 4/20 lets be faggots and smoke pot
by skdkkmkm April 20, 2009

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