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"Third Generation", the new cellular networks based on packet-switched always on packet radio services. Includes UMTS (Universal Mobile Telephone Service) and WCDMA (Wideband Circuit Division Multiple Access).

Advantages to 3G over older cellular networks include the ability to make live video calls, download music tracks and video clips, and access the internet at speeds approaching domestic broadband connections (Typically ~350Kbps)
"My new 3G phone is a bit of a brick but it does video calls"
by Shalroth May 13, 2005
Meaning 3G network. Slower than 3 goats pulling a cart while grazing on grass.

This 3G network is slow #wheredaLTEat
by camandem July 19, 2014
Old School, Outdated - soon to be obsolute. Not cool / trendy.
1. Look at his old phone! It's so 3G!
2. They don't have it in Blu-Ray, only DVD? That's so 3G!
3. The computer had Vista - what a 3G pos.
4. She was born on 2009 - she's a 3G baby.
5. Plasma TV? LCD TV? None of that 3G crap for me, get me my 3D LED!
by Indianapolis Reality December 05, 2010
One of the worst services out there..
crappy reception..
MY phone has a virus type thing on it
the list goes on.. I ADVISE TO NOT GET 1 PPL!!
"3G phones r jus gr8..the camera is da best!!..its jus gr8.. altogether!!"

*two weeks later*

"...the phone exploded.."
by B16Boi June 18, 2005
A semi-large group (or gaming clan)comprised of homosexuals and liars.
What a bunch of fags, they MUST be from 3g!
by anonymous April 12, 2004
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