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When someone you're dating, talking to, or sleeping with pulls a disappearing act on you, but somehow manages to contact you just when you're about to give up on them. They're holding on loosely, but not letting go. A.K.A pulling the 38 Special. This is based on the band's famous song Hold On Loosely.
I haven't heard from him in over a week, but he randomly IMed me this morning. He's totally pulling the 38 Special.
by Spinsterella August 12, 2009
A Really "Cool Dude" that rocks a sweet mullet, tight pants, and sometimes a Douche Tag. These types usually drive rusted out 80's model Trans-Ams or Camaros. 38 Specials are called such because they most likely rock out to the 80's band 38 Special every day while sipping Keystone Light.
Man, the saftey guy at work is a bonafide 38 special.
by Tony "LT" B May 12, 2009
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