birthplace of silly miscrients
"that guy was chewing the seat in the cop car"
"oh jeez, another 315er"
by woot July 19, 2004
Top Definition
Area code representing those known as 315er's. When 315er's are not out in the back forty they can be found on sites like www.315er.net
Even his cell phone area code is "315", that's hard core.
by Ms. Meat Curtains September 26, 2006
Its a crew of uber,cool, shway dudes that represent Syracuse, NY
Yo, its.. Lunch Box, Nickolious, T-Dog, Doug Danger, and Smythe they are the crew of 315.
by Smythe March 28, 2003
a police code for an over-weight Black Male
"we have a 315 at KFC, He wont leave until they serve a forty with his chicken"
by joey84 September 04, 2003
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