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A band that produces music intended to be listened to while taking a large, steamy shit.
I had violent diarrhea the other day while listening to "House Party" by 30h!3.
by gimmedatsammich September 06, 2010
30h!3 are two music-producing white boys from Colorado. Their genre is somewhat ambiguous as they have yet to produce anything that can be called music in good faith. Their distinguishing characteristic how hardcore they purport to be. If you don't notice, don't worry, they'll tell you.
"Yo dawg I herd u like bullshit so we put egregious poseurs on yo radio so u can rage while u disappoint."

-Xzibit on 30h!3
by lexposition1889 September 28, 2009
A friggin awesomn band that totally rocks and is electronica/pop/hip hop. Band named after an area code.(303) Those in the band are sean and nat.
That band 30h!3 is really frekin awesomn!
by The 30h!3 definer May 28, 2009
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