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Sophomore sluts at walt whitman high school who wrote theyr own definitions. They wish they could be like the six in the grade above them, or hell even clicky freshman bitches below them. But oh right just because theyr slutty and can have a good time (meaning they get pissed ass drunk and being taken advantage of..) Doesnt hid the fact that your ugly and no one likes you. So if you come across one of these fugly bitches just be sure to point out one of their obvious defaults (fucked up hair, huge nose, grossly long neck, fat, etc..) OH and 301 is the area code for liek half of the metropolitan area.. which they wouldnt mind fucking.. so creative girls
guy: hey are the 301's coming to ur party?
partyhost: uhh gross do i want an std? noo il call on one of the OTHER grades
by blunt-truth May 01, 2005
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