A GT car designed by Mitsubishi Motors. The car came factory with 320hp, Twin Turbo, an AWD system, and super-car looks. However, the car weighs 3750 lbs, loses 35% power thru its AWD system, looks outdated, and has a cheap interior. The car has an almost cult-like following, despite its sloppy handling and terrible gearing. Most 3000GT owners will tell you that their car is fast, handles well, whatnot. Bullshit.
Galant VR4 driver - Yo my boy has a 3000GT with 16G turbo's, built, its out.

S13 Driver - The red one from Kearny?

GVR4 - Yeah, him.

S13 - Haha, my boy's Z32 raped him on stock turbos.
by Shuto Runner April 21, 2007
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