Quite possibly the worst movie ever. boring as hell. dease fighting scenes. the rest of the movie was just filler to make the fighting scenes look that much better.
yo dude, did you go see 300 with yo bitch? well yes i did. after we watched it i slapped her in the face because the moie sucked so bad.
by J-Bone honkey December 01, 2007
1. The number following 299, and preceding 301

2. An award-winning graphic novel depicting the Battle of Thermopylae by Frank Miller, inspired by the movie The 300 Spartans. It's first issue was published in May 1998.

3. A movie based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller, highly praised but often criticized for it's historical inaccuracy by people that fail to realize that it's a movie based off of a comic book, which was in turn based off of another movie, and NOT a documentary.

4. A perfect score in bowling.
1. ...298, 299, 300,...

2. "I read Frank Miller's 300 yesterday, it's truly a masterpiece."

3. Person 1: "Hey, did you go see the new movie, 300?"
Person 2: "Yeah, it was terrible. There was almost no
historical accuracy. The fighting styles were wrong, the
armor was wrong, and the numbers were wrong."
Person 1: "No shit, sherlock. It's a movie, not a

4. Person 1: "I bowled a 300 today!"
Person 2: "That's amazing! You should go pro."
by Morrauk March 18, 2007
A movie that is actually quite lame, with absolutely nothing groundbreaking about it (it is actually very regressive and reactionary in many ways). By calling a few slo-mo scenes coupled with zooms "groundbreaking" is only indicative of the intellectual bankrupcy of todays sheeple. BTW, it is NOT AT ALL the "very definition of manhood" and men who have half an intelligence would not look up to such moldy and ancient archetypes of "manhood". If so many men weren't such dupes, they would be very very happy that this is no longer what makes a man. A man today can be much more than just some deluded military cog.
300 is an irrelevent film that feeds violent,negative impulses to a population of lost, identity stricken males in a time when such beligerent behaviour only causes sadness, tragedy, and destruction to a high degree (i.e. recent school shootings at Virginia Tech. Nobody wants to see this shit anymore.
by shealee April 16, 2007
one of the most homoerotic movies of this year.

boring chick flick!
300 sucks! and i would hate to see it ever again.
by 300sucks May 16, 2007
A block in East Oakland, California.....
East Oakland 300 trick fuck wit it!"

300 hoe...

300 mob shit trick... who want it?
by eastoakland300_chick January 05, 2005
300 is a racist movie with absolutely no historical basis, it is widely believed that the Spartans won the battle of thermopylae, but in reality, all they did was hold off the Persians for less than 3 days before every single one was killed. the Persians in the movie are played by black men, but in reality, Persians are whiter than Greeks.

the best approximation of forces
Greece: 300 Spartans + 5000 other greek soldiers
Persia: ~20,000 immortals + 2000-2500 fodder conscript soldiers.

Persia: ~3000
Greece: 5000
as you can see, the Persians owned the Greeks at thermopylae, but the idiot Hollywood directors once again make the Persians look like animals.

300 sucked, don't go see it.
by da booze man January 24, 2007

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