1. The number following 299, and preceding 301

2. An award-winning graphic novel depicting the Battle of Thermopylae by Frank Miller, inspired by the movie The 300 Spartans. It's first issue was published in May 1998.

3. A movie based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller, highly praised but often criticized for it's historical inaccuracy by people that fail to realize that it's a movie based off of a comic book, which was in turn based off of another movie, and NOT a documentary.

4. A perfect score in bowling.
1. ...298, 299, 300,...

2. "I read Frank Miller's 300 yesterday, it's truly a masterpiece."

3. Person 1: "Hey, did you go see the new movie, 300?"
Person 2: "Yeah, it was terrible. There was almost no
historical accuracy. The fighting styles were wrong, the
armor was wrong, and the numbers were wrong."
Person 1: "No shit, sherlock. It's a movie, not a

4. Person 1: "I bowled a 300 today!"
Person 2: "That's amazing! You should go pro."
by Morrauk March 21, 2007
A perfect score in bowling.
A bowler can only reach 300 if he/she bowls a strike every time up.
by Diggity Monkeez May 20, 2005
To yell a loud word or phrase, in context, and kick someone down stairs or off some kind of edge.
Mary: I want to break up with you
John: YOU...ARE...A...WHORE! *kick*
Phil: Dude...did you just 300 Mary down the stairs?
John: YES...I...300ed...HER! *kick*
by Kommander_K August 23, 2008
1. When you run around half naked kicking people in the chest and/or pushing elephants off of cliffs, often stopping to gaze with awe upon trees with people nailed to them.

2. A movie in which this happened, but it's more impressive if you run around and do it with your friends.

3. A line of rifles made by Z-M weapons.

4. A Number. Oh shit!
1. "Fuck yea, let's go 300 up the zoo."

2. "Are you kidding me? 300 sucked baby dick!"

3. "Good sir, I will pop a cap in your ass with my LR 300-ML-N."

4. "There must be at least 300 beaners standing around looking for jobs here!"
by RaawB June 05, 2007
A weightlifting action, similar to bench press.
"I can 300 400 pounds!"
by fuzzeewhale February 16, 2010
A non-history based (but yet amazing) movie about the battle of Thermopylae based on Frank Miller's graphic novel. The trailer of which made every man on the planet between the ages of 15 and 55 literally shit his pants with excitement.
Dude, when I saw the trailer for 300 I inexpicably shit my pants... It was awesome!
by Hobo King February 11, 2007
The secret of the industry; To pass on a favor concerning around $300.00 free dollars of choice to a stranger. The stranger in turn recieves the benfit of purchasing the $300.00 product that he or she gave to you, (having to pay the actual price of the product), that you recived for almost nothing when he or she gave you the $300.00 product of choice for a coupon price.
The girl recieved the 300 creme for a almost nonexistent price, because the clerk believed the girl when she said she left her coupon at home. The girl returned to the store, and the clerk let the girl know that she the clerk is now using the creme too!
by Choose Wiseley October 01, 2011

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